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All Yoga is now being managed by Kellie Codianna of Divinely Rooted. Any questions or to pre register for a class you can contact her at: 203-675-7155 or email her at:

Preregistration for classes is kindly requested. Please contact the class instructor or practitioner to register for a class or make an appointment. 



Yoga Therapy for Back Pain 9-10 am with Kellie (limited to 4)
Yoga Therapy for Back Pain 7-8pm with Kellie (limited to 4)
*Must sign up in advance* Contact Kellie @ 203-675-7155
9:30am Mindful Yoga with Zorayda $15/class 
5:30 pm  (EmbodyYou Yoga) with Shawna $15/class - Starting Sept 10th *If you'd like more class details email Shawna:
9:45am-10:45pm Yoga for Not Flexible People with Zorayda $15/class
1:00-2:00pm Yoga Therapy for Functional Aging with Kellie (limited to 4)
10-11am Yoga Therapy for Back Pain (limited to 4) with Kellie
4:30-5:30 pm Kundalini with Kristen Marie $15/class *Starting Sept 12th) 
5:45pm-6:45pm Yoga for Balance and Stability: Mind, Body and Spirit with Kellie. $25 one time/$80 for month. *Must sign up in advance *
7:00-8:00 am Yoga Therapy for Back Pain (limited to 4) with Kellie
Classes are added on often, please contact Kellie if you are looking for a specific class or need more information.

203-675-7155 or email her at:



Notice: Readings are for Entertainment Purposes only. They  not a replacement for counseling or therapy.



With Melanie Tarr

 Friday's 1 pm - 7 pm   15 minutes for $15

Longer readings upon request



With Allison Rhoades (Tarot/Intuitive)

 Every Tuesday 5 pm - 8 pm

15 minutes $20, longer readings available 

You can schedule an appointment with Allison if you'd like. Contact her @:
(203 )907-9357. Feel free to leave message or text. 


With Heather Gelineau (Soul Card Readings)

Every Wednesday 4:00 -7:30 pm
Heather also reads some Saturdays, call for her availability 203-626-9881


With Victoria (Psychic/Tarot)

Thursday's 4-7:30 pm
Text/call her @ 203-427-1454 or email: for an appointment.

$40 for Tarot – 20 minutes
$50 Psychic - 20 minutes
$100 for both – 40 minutes
Cash, Pay Pal or Zelle accepted

With Mark Iwanicki (Tarot)

Every other Saturday  Call for Mark's schedule  203-626-9881
 $1/minute   Cash, Credit Card & Pay Pal accepted 

With Michelle Behme (Spiritual Healer)

Every other Saturday Call for Michelle's Schedule 203-626-9881
11 am - 2pm  
$20 for 15 minutes
Cash/Credit Card
**Readings are $20 for 15 minutes.**
Walk-Ins are welcome but we STRONGLY suggest you make an appointment: call/text: (203) 213-8577 or
Instant Message us on Facebook at Hidden Gem On Main,
email: or call the store:
(203) 626-9881 and leave a message if we are not there yet.

With Kevin Fitz Gerald (Psychic/Medium)

Every other Saturday Call for Kevin's Schedule  203-626-9881
3:30-7:30 pm
Walk Ins Welcome be we strongly recommend appointments:
Call/Text: (203) 470-2665 or reach out to Kevin via Facebook: Spiritual Openings with Kevin.


Meditation & Sound Healing: 2nd Tuesday of the month with Anita Jones
  $20  7:00pm-8:00pm

Learn more about our readers & teachers


 Join us on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm for a moment of self care. This time is meant to help you reconnect with your peace and offers you the opportunity to hear what your body and spirit need most. No experience necessary- just come as you are!

**Suggested offering of $10**

You are invited to bring your own yoga mat or bolster pillow, however chairs and back supports ARE available.

Melanie, a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki Master, will be customizing the meditation each Wednesday to best meet the needs of those who attend. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions, requests, or concerns via email to



Thursday October 10th from 7:00-8:00pm.

15 spots available
$20 for advanced registration
$25 night of event
Email me at to receive a Square invoice to pre-register.

MARONICS: The Vehicle for Ascension

Friday October 11th 6pm-8pm


Claim your sovereignty! Please join us for a discussion about Marconics followed by an opportunity to receive a mini sample session. The talk is free and the 20-minute sample sessions are specially priced at $20. Be certain to contact us in advance to hold your sample session appointment!

Hear how as the Earth comes into alignment with the center of the Milky Way, Marconics Ascension Energy Healing Protocols anchor the Oversoul (at the Galactic Core or SOURCE) in the 8th dimension, and pulls it down into merger with the 5th Dimensional Archetypal Mind and the 2nd Dimensional Emotional body - Realigning the Axis of 13 Dimensions of Time and Space, in a RECALIBRATION of the Multidimensional Holographic Body.


Caleb's Conscious Kids 
Nature Art Playshop

                               Sunday, October 13th 10:00am-12:00pm.

A Nature Art Playshop is an opportunity for children (and their families) to come together and spend time in Nature exploring, playing, and creating art.  When you connect back to Nature and your creative, authentic self you...
*Tap into the wellspring of imagination
*Have the chance to be expressive and creative
*Get to laugh and have fun
*Take in the fresh air and learn about the natural world around you.

Nature art is also an amazing way to disconnect from screen time and structured activities. These activities can limit a child’s opportunity to create from their heart and play with the natural materials around them and engage in the ideas and possibilities that excite them.

Nature art is a child (or individual) led activity combining fun, movement, art, creativity, and learning all while providing children a chance to play, learn, explore and connect with the natural world around them.

What is Nature Art?

>Nature art is an easy, creative and fun activity for kids (and adults) of all ages that can be done anywhere!!
>It involves creating art from materials found around you in Nature such as sticks, stones, leaves, flowers, pine cones, sand, shells, and seed heads.
>Nature Art can be made into mandalas, fairy homes, patterns, shapes, spirals, animals and more! The possibilities are as endless as long as the imagination runs wild and free.

What will we do in this Nature Art PlayShop?

>We will focus on creating mandalas and a fairy village as well as exploring basic methods for creating various types of nature art.
>We will cover:
~What is Nature Art and why we make it
~How to put on “Nature Eyes” and be an explorer and inventor of the Natural world around us
~Collect materials found in the natural world around us and demonstrate building and art techniques that can be made with them
~What is a Mandala and how to make one
~ Fairy House/Village building techniques
~Steps to make nature art no matter where you are!

This is a hands-on play shop. There will be basic instruction and demonstration in the tenants above. The bulk of the time will be spent exploring, playing, collaborating, and creating nature art in the woods!!

Location: Sleeping Giant State Park, 200 Mt Carmel Ave, Hamden, CT 06518

~Accompanying adults are free!!
~1 child: $15.00; 2 kids: $25.00, 3 kids: $30.00
~Cash only day of event
~Pre-purchase with PayPal:
~Pre-purchase via eventbrite link with added ticketing fee

What to Bring: Water, bag/basket for collecting materials, camera to take photos if desired, an imagination and desire to play and have fun!
What to wear: Wear appropriate outdoor clothes and bug protection. Recommend Long pants, long shirt, long socks with good boots/sneakers
An adult must be accompany the child throughout the duration of the play shop.

Rain Date: Sunday, October 13th 10:00am-12:00pm. Please check FB event day of event for any weather related cancellations.

***There was a ticketing glitch on Eventbrite and Refunds are available incase you are not able to make it after purchasing a ticket.***

About Caleb's Conscious Kids:
Caleb and Melissa are a mother and son duo on a mission to inspire kids (and their families!) worldwide to get outside and connect with nature, art, creativity, and play! To guide them in ways to disconnect from the screen and structured systems of today's time and reconnect with the innate intelligence, joy, beauty, wonder, and creativity of the Earth (and all her creations) as well as our inner most joyful, creative selves.

Witch's Workshop Besom (Broom) Making

October 16th 5:30-7:30pm

Make your own Witch's Broom at Hidden Gem on Main and learn about the Magickal significance of brooms and their use in old customs and modern spellcraft, all while making your own broom!
All materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own broom handle, or other special items you may want to include in the building of your broom..
The cost of this Workshop is $50.

If interested in attending please click GOING on the event on Facebook. All fees for the Workshops must be paid in full 5 days prior to the date of the Workshop to secure your spot.. Please visit Hidden Gem on Main, 33 North Main St in Wallingford in person to pre-register at least 5 days prior to the Workshop..
Payments accepted are CASH OR CHECK ONLY (made out to HEATHERLEA GELINEAU)
Any other questions, please PM Chris at Hidden Gem on Main or Heatherlea Gelineau 


 Author Meet & Speak

"One of Windsor"

with Author, Beth Caruso

Tuesday, October 22nd 6:00 - 7:30 PM

A Chilling Story From Windsor: 
Connecticut's Earliest Town and the Home of Alice 'Alse' Young, the Unfortunate First Victim of the Connecticut Witch Trials.
The Prequel to the Salem Witch Trials and One of the Most Appalling 
Cover-Ups in American History! 
~ Fee to be determined ~

Alice, a young woman prone to intuitive insights and loyalty to the only family she has ever known, leaves England for the rigid colony of the Massachusetts Bay in 1635 in hopes of reuniting with them again. Finally settling in Windsor, Connecticut, she encounters the rich American wilderness and its inhabitants, her own healing abilities, and the blinding fears of Puritan leaders which collide and set the stage for America’s first witch hanging, her own, on May 26, 1647.

This event and Alice’s ties to her beloved family are catalysts that influence Connecticut’s Governor John Winthrop Jr. to halt witchcraft hangings in much later years.

Paradoxically, these same ties and the memory of the incidents that led to her accusation become a secret and destructive force behind Cotton Mather’s written commentary on the Salem witch trials of 1692, provoking further witchcraft hysteria in Massachusetts forty-five years after her death.

The author uses extensive historical research combined with literary inventions, to bring forth a shocking and passionate narrative theory explaining this tragic and important episode in American history.



with Paul Rice

Thursday, October 24th 6:00-7:30 pm 

$20 per person



Get ready for tales that will titillate and stories that will send a chill up your spine as Paul Rice shares his experiences with the ghostly world. Paul will explain the different types of spirits that have yet to move on and his methods for helping them cross over. Paul views these souls as people first and spirits second, empathizing with their current situations. He truly desires to help them find peace and restore a sense a calm to the living.Rice has experience that includes ghost hunting, palm reading, astrology and massage therapy. He excels at Energy Work, which is the practice of correcting imbalance through touch.

The Art & Science of Manifesting Magic with the Moon

with Melissa Conroy

October 25th 7-9pm

Amp up your manifesting mojo and create magick and miracles in your life by learning the art of manifesting with the moon!

During this workshop you can expect to:

~Learn the foundational elements and steps of Manifesting 101

~Get trained in the art of successfully manifesting with the moon based upon your personal chart and heart-felt, soul-aligned intentions.

~Increase the potency of your new moon intention setting: Learn how to identify the astrological house the new moon is transiting through in your personal chart and how this leads to more powerful manifestations. ***Birth date, time and location required*

~Learn the critical role that each of the eight phases of the moon plays in the manifestation process and how to co-create in harmony with the moon by working in alignment with the energies present during each phase.

~Create a tailored action plan for the month ahead based upon the current mooncast and your personal intentions in alignment with the eight phases.

~Discover the top 5 common errors made when manifesting with the moon and how to avoid making them.

~Experience two powerful manifestation practices that explode your ability to become a quantum creator.

Who is this experience for?

This is for you if you...

* Are ready to embody and live by manifestation practices that flow in harmony with the natural cycles of the Moon to accelerate your ability to make quantum leaps in your life.

* Are ready to live more intentionally and purposefully in sync with the natural cycles of the Universe so that your days flow with more ease, grace, and joy.

* Are ready to learn how to bring everything together that you already know about manifesting and the moon into practical applications to amp up your ability to create magick and miracles in your life.

*Are ready to say YES to yourself and commit to doing the work required so that you can start co-creating a life that sets your soul on fire

This will be an experiential workshop accompanied with journaling prompts, breakthrough worksheets, and transformational practice!!

If you cannot make the live event, there will also be an online recorded workshop coming up

Investment: $33.00
Payment: Cash at door or paypal name and workshop name to:


Pediatric Astrology - Free Event

With Mark Iwanicki

Date & Time TBA


Children express the archetypes more freely than adults. Understanding the archetypal energies within them can help parents in their development. Join Mark Iwanicki for a free informational session on how astrology, Jungian psychology, and Montessori philosophy come together to help understand your child. This FREE informational session is particularly appropriate for expectant parents, parents of children age 0 to 12 years old, and teachers of children aged 0 to 12 years old. Attendees will receive a voucher for 15% off their Pediatric Astrology reading.


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