*scroll down for more details about each class*



January 27th -Wednesdays Unwind Meditation

January 29th - Crystal Wrapping with Kimberly

January 30th - Flower Essence Journey, Blending Bar Open Hours


Ongoing Offerings:


 With Cheryl of Spoiled within Hidden Gem (by Appointment)

Enjoy a bit of heaven! Relax and Spoil yourself with a ritual and salted/herbal foot soak while sitting on the purple velvet couch with a cup of tea ~
Contact Cheryl to schedule your time to Spoil yourself and a friend 


With Melanie Tarr

Every Wednesday 7-8 pm 

 Join us on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm for a moment of self care. This time is meant to help you reconnect with your peace and offers you the opportunity to hear what your body and spirit need most. No experience necessary- just come as you are!
**Suggested offering of $10**

You are invited to bring your own yoga mat or bolster pillow, however chairs and back supports ARE available.

Melanie, a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki Master, will be customizing the meditation each Wednesday to best meet the needs of those who attend. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions, requests, or concerns via email to



With Kimberly Miller
Every Friday from 2-7pm
Artist Kimberly Miller will be setting up shop at Hidden Gem every Friday offering custom Wrapping !
Bring your own crystals or shop the great selection at Hidden Gem. Kimberly will wrap each crystal uniquely as a one of a kind piece while you wait, in stainless steel wire. If you prefer she has copper and gold colored copper wire. If you can't make the hours on Friday's just bring your pieces in, pay any associate for the wrap, and Kimberly will have it done for you in a week's time.
 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING: $5 OFF! (Regular price for each wrap $20.00) You only pay $15!!
As a bonus, Kimberly will lovingly cleanse and recharge your crystal for you!




Saturdays 10am-1pm


This is a space where alchemy happens...where creativity, intention & playfulness dance with relaxation, rejuvenation & transformation...
BiolumenEssence's Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar is a hands on,  sensory experience ~ customize products to your therapeutic, aromatic, energetic or skin care needs. 



With Lauren Condron2nd Friday of every Month

$45 each class 6-8 pm at Divinely Rooted (within Hidden Gem On Main) 

Virtual Classes will also be offered.  Contact Lauren directly with questions or to sign up for class: or find her on IG: @WitchWheelOfTheYear  


What exactly will the Witches Wheel of the Year Course cover over 2021?
Here’s a taste of what we will explore:

February 12th: Theme - Imbolc: Candlemas (Feb 2nd) Middle of the Season of Death/Release)

March 12th: Theme - Ostara: Spring Equinox (March 19-22nd) (End of the Season of Death/Release, Intro to the Season of Rebirth)

April 9th: Theme - Body/Sex Magick: The Divine Use of Self

May 14th: Theme - Beltane: May Eve (April 30th-May 1st) (Start of the Season of Rebirth)

June 11th: Theme - Litha: Summer Solstice (June 19th-23rd) (Middle of the Season of Rebirth)

July 9th: Theme - Elemental, Herbal, Stone/Crystal, and Zodiac/ Planetary Magick

August 13th: Theme - Lughnasadh: Lammas (August 1st) (End of the Season of Rebirth/Intro to the Season of Life)

September 10th: Theme- Mabon: Fall Equinox (Sept 21st- 24th) (Beginning of the Season of Life)

October 8th: Theme - Samhain: All Hallows Eve (Oct 31st-Nov 1st) (Middle of the Season of Life)

November 12th: Theme: Ancestral Magick - Our Legacy and Our Lineage

December 10th: Theme - Yule: Winter Solstice (Dec 20th-23rd) (End of the Season of Life/Intro to the Season of Death/Release)

*The cost is $45 a class and includes all written materials, with access to her for deepening the learners specific practice 1:1 (live or virtually, by appointment) at no additional cost.*



With Tom Perry

Saturday February 9th & February 23rd from 4-6pm

  $10 -$20 (Tom’s Class – Bring your own Drum, some to borrow)

Drums available to purchase at Hidden Gem while they last.

Drumming with Tom: Using a Shamanic approach to opening the Heart, Connecting & Aligning you back to the Earth while honoring the Earth’s and your Ancestors. The perfect way to shift and balance your energy as your spirit calls for. Bring your own drum, borrow if available and some drums available to purchase at Hidden Gem. (Taking place at Divinely Rooted accessible from Hidden Gem or Main Street




With Mark Iwanicki

Saturday February 13th 4:30-5:30 pm  Fee $20 Saturday March 13th 4:30-5:30  Fee $20


A great and fun way to practice Reading Tarot! Join Mark once a month in a casual setting with others to grow your Tarot Card Reading skills. Text or Call Mark with Questions: (617) 230-1765
You can also P.M. Mark on his Facebook Page: Iwanickimedia
*Scroll Down to see Dates and Times for Marks Tarot Class*



Essential Oil Blending Playshop 

Date TBD  1pm-3pm $45

ar·o·mat·ic /ˌerəˈmadik/ 

adjective: having a pleasant and distinctive smell. 

al·che·my ˈalkəmē/

noun: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

We will discuss the therapeutic & energetic uses of essential oils and how to work with them most effectively & in a way that is aromatically balanced & beautiful.  You'll be creating 2 products - choose from a lotion, face/body/or foot scrub, inhaler, room spray or perfume roll on. 

You’ve probably been hearing and seeing everywhere online & from your friends & neighbors about how essential oils are the cure for everything that ails you. There is a lot of misinformation flying around and it can be challenging to navigate this info as a newbie to essential oils & aromatherapy. 

In this intro to essential oils class - no experience necessary!

$45 fee includes materials/2 products

**Preregistration required**



Two Sessions to choose from:

 Next Date to Be Determined  $55

(4 people per session)

The Alchemy of Water. Salt. Flower Essences & Essential Oils meet the power of sound. energy & meditation…allowing Surrender. Healing & Release and the embodiment of Vitality, Elation & Serenity.
Join Julie from BiolumenEssence & Cheryl of Spoiled for this expansive, healing experience that will leave you feeling aligned & luminous.
Space is limited to 4 people per time slot, registration is required.




With Mark Iwanicki

Saturday, February 27th 3-5pm

Saturday March 27th 3-5 pm  Fee $40

There are many ways to read the Tarot. Come join us for a class that will explore why Tarot works, how it can be customized to your own style of reading, and 3 simple spreads to elicit powerful readings. *Bring your own deck or purchase one in the store * $40 for 2 hour class. Text or Call Mark to enroll: (617) 230-1765

You can also P.M. Mark on his Facebook Page: Iwanickimedia Join Mark Iwanicki in an informative and enjoyable Intro to Tarot Class. Mark is an accomplished Tarot reader and teacher.
If you've wanted to learn to read Tarot, Mark's class is for you! Because of the popularity of Mark's class, this will now be a monthly offering with Study Groups once a month as well.




With Julie Dokas

Saturday January 30th 6pm-8pm



Just as vitamins & supplements support your physical body,

these vibrational healing remedies nourish your light body...

Flower essences illuminate the dark, stagnant, fear based places within us and transmute it into light. Catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution, they elevate your frequency, bring you into alignment, increase your vibrancy, elation & vitality.

Shift old patterns & beliefs. Expand your creativity & confidence. Deepen your intuition. Amplify your manifestation abilities.

Come experience what happens when you mix meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, energy healing & flower essences into a 2 hour experiential journey, guided by the'll tap into your intuition, and leave feeling a little more luminous...

 Join Julie Dokas, creator of BiolumenEssence Flower Essences for this Flower Essence Journey. We will explore what flower essences are, how they are made, how to use them, the distinction between flower essences & essential oils….
We will go on a journey with the essences, so you get an immersive experience in connecting with the essences to see what messages they have for you, while tapping into their subtle energy.

If you are curious about various types of plant medicine, or energy work, you may find flower essences fascinating and powerful.
Join us for this fun & experiential evening!

Cost is $35

For more information & to register visit:




With Melanie Tarr

Tuesday February 2nd 6-7:30 pm  $30/person


Ever wonder what the animal kingdom is trying to teach you? This class covers common totemic animal messages and how to decipher them. Topics include, how to spot a totem and how to receive its wisdom. There will be time for questions.
Feel free to reach out to her with any questions, requests, or concerns via email to  


CHINESE NEW YEAR! The Year of the OX!

With Melanie Tarr

Wednesday February 10th from 5pm on...

Melanie will be at Hidden Gem On Main offering an open discussion about the Chinese New Year which starts on February 12th! It is the year of the OX! What may that bring to you and your family in the VERY anticipated year ahead!!! Come by, grab a cup of tea and ask Melanie all about it! 


With Kathleen Solomon of Dragonfly Field of Wellness

February 7th (Sunday) 10am-2pm

Magnawave is a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field ) energy treatment that is noninvasive and promotes overall wellness, aiding in the body's ability to heal itself naturally.
Kathleen Solomon, is the owner of Dragonfly Field of Wellness and has been a licensed veterinary technician for 24 years. She has been utilizing MagnaWave on small animals for the past 8 years and is now a MagnaWave Practitioner, Certified to treat people, horse as well as small animals.
Pet's are welcome at this Clinic!
Please contact Kathleen for an appointment or with any questions
via text/call 914-309-3060 or
Clinic Fee is $50 per 30 min session ($15 off standard session fee).




This is a monthly series, but you can come to a single event

March 10, 2021: New Moon in Pisces 
April 14, 2021: New Moon in Aries 
May 12, 2021: New Moon in Taurus 
June 9, 2021: New Moon in Gemini 
July 14, 2021: New Moon in Cancer 
August 11, 2021: New Moon in Leo
September 8, 2021: New Moon in Virgo 
October 6, 2021: New Moon in Libra (1st Tuesday)
November 3, 2021: New Moon in Scorpio (1st Tuesday)
December 1, 2021: New Moon in Sagittarius (1st Tuesday)


Wednesday, March 10th 6pm-8pm: Envision & Embody 2021

In this month’s playshop, we will meet under the New Moon of Capricorn. The New Moon in Capricorn is a time to focus on the great work your Soul came here to do. The time of the year when we embark on a journey of setting practical, attainable goals, and making a kick ass plan to go after them. 


A time of putting foundational structures in place for the year ahead and focus on developing the self-discipline, commitment and focus required to bring your desires and dreams into fruition. 

A moment in time to ground into your intentions for the year, gain crystal clear clarity on the structures and systems that need to be put into place (both the physical actions to take to go after your dreams, and more importantly, in the BEINGNESS of your energy required to attain them), and connect with your commitments to self to make things manifest in the here and now. 

Capricorn New Moon energy is about being cosmically supported in setting goals, intentions and aspirations for ourselves and having the focus, discipline, guts and wherewithal to stick with them. This month's energy is asking us to dream big, envision the life we desire to create and embody the essence of it NOW as we get comfortable taking practical, uncomfortable steps each day to wake our dreams into reality. 


In this months playshop you will:
  • Get raw and real with where you are currently at in your life and with who you are BEING, as well as gain crystal clear clarity on where you desire to go, what you seek to achieve in the year ahead, and make an actionable plan to get there.
  • Embark on a guided journey to release the shackles of 2020 and time hop one year forward to receive messages of Divine Guidance from your future Self on how to embody the BEINGNESS of your future self NOW so that you can make quantum leaps in 2021 and accelerate your ability to tap into your Divine co-creative powers and create a year that sets your soul on fire. 
  • Craft your very own bespoke flower and gem essence blend to support you in achieving your goals in the year ahead and embodying the qualities of the soul you are seeking to call into your life in 2021 and the version of your BEINGNESS required to wake your dreams into reality.
  • Create New Year wishing discs to affirm your intentions for the year ahead and invite their presence into your visual space to increase your intentional focus and energetic flow toward your 20201 dreams and desires. 
    Investment: $47.00
    Payments made to







Join Julie from BiolumenEssence and Cheryl from Spoiled a little Shoppe of Wellness + Plant Magic as we celebrate our new space where magic, wellness & alchemy collide.   Come chill with us on the purple velvet couch, interact at the Botanical Blending Bar and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Blending Bar demo of our bespoke Salt Soak Blend:

Let that Shit Go: Bye Bye 2020! 

(available for purchase or schedule a future foot soak)
  • Complimentary Chair Massage 

  • Free Samples

  • Light Libations + Tea

  • Enter to Win a Free Ritual Foot Soak and Flower Essence

  • Learn about our offerings and how they can support your emotional wellness & healing journey

  • Discounts for attendees on future services

  • Meet & Greet with Kellie from Divinely Rooted Yoga & Pilates

  • 10% discount at Hidden Gem on Main the night of the event
*Private walk through can be scheduled ahead of time. 
Contact Hidden Gem on Main for further details.  




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