In our space  we respect that our immune systems have the ability to protect us. We respect the rights of our employees and patrons to breathe freely, consistently and without restriction. Therefore, we do not require our employees, teachers, readers, patrons or students to wear a mask but respect your choice to do so.  If our position concerns you, we will welcome you when you feel safer. 



with Melanie 


Cost: By Donation  

 Join us on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm for a moment of self care. This time is meant to help you reconnect with your peace and offers you the opportunity to hear what your body and spirit need most. No experience necessary- just come as you are!
**Suggested offering of $10**

You are invited to bring your own yoga mat or bolster pillow, however chairs and back supports ARE available.

Melanie, a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki Master, will be customizing the meditation each Wednesday to best meet the needs of those who attend. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions, requests, or concerns via email to



with Julie Dokas

Friday, September 25th 6pm-8pm


Come experience what happens when you mix meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, energy healing & flower essences into a 2 hour experiential journey, guided by the'll tap into your intuition, and leave feeling a little more luminous...
Flowers speak the language of the soul – a language that we don’t necessarily hear with our ears, but understand within the depths of our being, on a cellular level. If you’ve ever walked through a garden of blooming flowers, inhaled the healing aroma of a gardenia or have been given a bouquet of flowers when you were grieving, you have experienced this before.
Flowers touch a space deep within you and start to heal the fragmented parts of you, that maybe you didn’t even realize needed healing.
We want to feel light, expansive & free, yet we are often bogged down & constipated with old energies, judgments & beliefs. Flower essences help to break through this stagnation & transmute it into light, acting almost like a lubricant, helping the energy to move with ease.
Join Julie Dokas, creator of BiolumenEssence Flower Essences for this Flower Essence Journey. We will explore what flower essences are, how they are made, how to use them, the distinction between flower essences & essential oils….
We will go on a journey with the essences, so you get an immersive experience in connecting with the essences to see what messages they have for you, while tapping into their subtle energy.
If you are curious about various types of plant medicine, or energy work, you may find flower essences fascinating and powerful.
Join us for this fun & experiential evening!
For more information & to register visit:


With Mark Iwanicki

Saturday September 26th 3-5 pm 


There are many ways to read the Tarot. Come join us for a class that will explore why Tarot works, how it can be customized to your own style of reading, and 3 simple spreads to elicit powerful readings.

**Bring your own deck or purchase in store **



With Melanie Tarr of Dear Spirit

Thursday October 1st 6-8 pm 


Learn about the process of receiving intuitive guidance with the help of oracle cards during this comprehensive class. Attendees will be given step-by-step instructions for giving 1-card and 3-card readings as well as opportunities to ask questions and practice if desired. We have decks available for purchase at the store though you’re invited to bring a non-tarot deck of your own—it could be a favorite deck or one that’s new to you! This class will be taught by Melanie Tarr, a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki practitioner who is passionate about helping others connect to their own spiritual support system.
For more information about the class, to ask questions regarding decks, or to reserve your seat please contact Melanie at 203-906-6856.



With Melanie Tarr of Dear Spirit

Thursday October 10th 6-8 pm 


Building on what you learned from the Intro to Oracle Card Reading class, Melanie will introduce new topics such as card spreads, reading with multiple decks, and fine-tuning what you are asking. There will be opportunities to ask questions and practice with one-on-one attention in this small group class. We have decks available for purchase though you’re invited to bring as many non-tarot decks as you like!
For questions regarding this event, please contact Melanie at 203-906-6856.



Saturday October 10th 2-3:30 pm

Hosted by Elizabeth Krafcik of Healing Energy & Art

Crystal pyramids can amplify and tightly focus energy and vibrations through their apex. In this class, we will explore the power of Pyramid Energy, pyramidology, and how we can utilize this power to enhance our lives.
Shungite will be discussed because of its immense healing powers, it is over 2 billion years old and is composed of mostly carbon which forms the building blocks of life. Shungite protects against electromagnetic radiation, balances the chakras, boosts the immune system, and helps to foster a peaceful energy field. Practical ways to utilize Shungite to benefit your health and well-being will be explored as well. 
Each participant will receive their very own Shungite Pyramid and we will be doing a meditation with them as well!
Class is $35  ** Minimum 3 person for this class**
RSVP to Elizabeth Krafcik at or Call/Text - 860.578.3545  


Hosted by Heather Gelineau & Kellie Jean

Tuesday, October 13th AND October 20th at 6 PM

$50 includes all materials

The Besom (Broom) Making Workshop at Hidden Gem 💎 is back , but we will be holding it in the Divinely Rooted space this year to give everyone a bit more room.
Please enter through Hidden Gem On Main, 33 North Main St. Wlfd.
Entrance and ample parking in the lot behind Archie Moore's.
In the days of the old ways, Besoms were used to sweep away bad energy, and hung above doorways to keep away negative spirits..In this Workshop, we will be building our own Besoms almost entirely from naturally gathered materials, just as it was done back in the old ways.
The cost for the Besom Making Workshop is $50 an includes all the required materials but you may bring any special ribbon or charms.

Because of social distancing requirements, we can only host 10 people at a time,so we will be offering 2 dates for this Workshop.
These dates are Tuesday Oct 13th and Tuesday Oct 20th at 6pm,ending by 8pm. You must pay for your spot in advance to insure that we can save a space for you.

Please Email Heatherlea Gelineau at: or
Personal Message through Facebook: Heather Gelineau
prior to making your payments with names and phone numbers so you can let us know which date you prefer and so we can put you down as paid and also regarding and questions about this Workshop.
Please use PayPal address to pay.
We are looking forward to another Enchanting Besom Making Workshop
with you all!!


Saturday November 21st 2-3:30 pm

Hosted by Elizabeth Krafcik of Healing Energy & Art

Saturday, 2020 at 2 PM – 3:30 PM

This class will include a discussion on elements of a crystal grid, sacred geometry, how to construct a grid, meditations for each crystal, and then we will create a grid with them that you can take home!
Class is $45  ** 3 Person Minimum for this Class **
RSVP to Elizabeth Krafcik at or Call/Text - 860.578.3545


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