*scroll down below for more details about each class* 

 April 16th (Friday) - Readings with Melanie 11am-5pm

April 17th (Saturday) - Journaling with Laura 9-10:30am

April 17th (Saturday) - Readings with Mark 12:00-5:00pm *(Subbing for Edmund)*

April 17th (Saturday) - Kiddo's Crystal Class with Kimberly 12pm  $20

April 18th (Sunday) - CranioSacral Clinic with Cheryl  10am-4pm

April 20th (Tuesday) - Readings with Edmund  2:30-6:30pm

April 21st (Wednesday) - Readings with Jessica 3:30-6:30pm

April 22nd (Thursday) - Readings with Carrie 4-6:30pm

April 22nd (Thursday) - Meditation with Brianna 6:30pm

April 23rd (Friday) - Readings with Melanie 11am-5pm

April 24th (Saturday) - Open Blending Bar with Julie 10:30am-1:30pm

April 24th (Saturday) - Readings with Mark 12-3pm

April 24th (Saturday) - Drum Circle with Tom 4-6pm

April 24th (Saturday) - Intro To Tarot Class with Mark 3-5pm

April 24th (Saturday) - Crystal's 101 with Kimberly 12-1pm $25

April 27th (Tuesday) - Readings with Edmund 2:30-6:30pm

April 27th (Tuesday) - Intermediate Oracle Card Reading with Melanie 6-8pm $45

April 28th (Wednesday) - Readings with Jessica 3:30-6:30pm

April 29th (Thursday) - Readings with Carrie 4-6:30pm

April 29th (Thursday) - Meditation with Brianna  6:30pm

April 30th (Friday) - Readings with Melanie 11am-5pm

May 21st (Friday) - Flower Essence Journey 6pm-8pm



 *scroll down for more details about each class*



Ongoing Offerings:


 With Cheryl of Spoiled within Hidden Gem (by Appointment)

Enjoy a bit of heaven! Relax and Spoil yourself with a ritual and salted/herbal foot soak while sitting on the purple velvet couch with a cup of tea ~
Contact Cheryl to schedule your time to Spoil yourself and a friend 


With  Brianna Perez
Every Thursday 6:30pm
  $10 offering

Join Brianna for a unique opportunity to tune in to your soul’s voice and allow music to release subconscious blocks and awaken your vision for the new week. Level II Bonny Method GIM Practitioner Brianna Perez welcomes everyone to revel in the symphonic music which is specially formulated to help you access sacred inner space and serves as a catalyst for awakened vision.
No meditation experience necessary.
Brianna will guide participants through a brief introduction, setting intentions, and a voluntarily sharing circle afterwards. It is recommended that you dress comfortably, drink plenty of water, and bring along a journal and pen to note your experience. This event is offered every Thursday from 6:30pm -8pm in the Divinely Rooted Yoga Studio connected to Hidden Gem on Main. Bolster pillows, yoga mats, and chairs are available but you are welcome to bring your own from home if you prefer.
Price: $10
For more information call or text Brianna at 757-417-9966.




With Melanie Tarr

Every Wednesday 7-8 pm 

 Join us on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm for a moment of self care. This time is meant to help you reconnect with your peace and offers you the opportunity to hear what your body and spirit need most. No experience necessary- just come as you are!
**Suggested offering of $10**

You are invited to bring your own yoga mat or bolster pillow, however chairs and back supports ARE available.

Melanie, a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki Master, will be customizing the meditation each Wednesday to best meet the needs of those who attend. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions, requests, or concerns via email to



With Kimberly Miller

Every Friday from 2-6 pm

Artist Kimberly Miller will be setting up shop at Hidden Gem every Friday offering custom Wrapping !
Bring your own crystals or shop the great selection at Hidden Gem. Kimberly will wrap each crystal uniquely as a one of a kind piece while you wait, in stainless steel wire. If you prefer she has copper and gold colored copper wire. If you can't make the hours on Friday's just bring your pieces in, pay any associate for the wrap, and Kimberly will have it done for you in a week's time.
 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING: $5 OFF! (Regular price for each wrap $20.00) You only pay $15!!
As a bonus, Kimberly will lovingly cleanse and recharge your crystal for you!
Contact Kimberly at:




Saturday's 10:30am-1pm


This is a space where alchemy happens...where creativity, intention & playfulness dance with relaxation, rejuvenation & transformation...

BiolumenEssence's Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar is a hands on,  sensory experience ~ customize products to your therapeutic, aromatic, energetic or skin care needs. 






With Kimberly Miller

Sunday's:   April 18, April 25, May 2, May 9      5-6pm    $20



Fun music, fun atmosphere, learn basic bellydance movements tuning you into one chakra per session while empowering your own healing abilities.
Come have fun dancing to shift your energy!
Wear comfy work-out type clothing.
I have several hip scarves to borrow or bring yours!!
$20 per class payable at the time of class. Cash, Square (credit card transaction) or Venmo.
Register with Kimberly by text or call 203-915-4370. Happy to answer any questions!!
7 classes in the series, one chakra per class , per week.
**The instructor of this class holds a mask exemption. Class will be rescheduled if Kimberly shows any symptoms of illness within 14 days.




Journaling Workshop

With Laura Pudvah

 Saturday April 17th, Saturday May 1st

9-10:30 am  $15

“Quiet the Mind, and the Soul Will Speak.”
- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
We write in our journals to release thoughts from our minds. It allows us to process our emotions, incorporate ideas, and keep track of the most important events in our life.
Join Laura as she supports the writing process... encourages us to focus our energy... provides a safe place for: Exploring Our True Self Through Writing.
We meet on the first and third Saturday of every month at 9:00 am, in the Divinely Rooted Studio at 33 N. Main Street, Wallingford, CT. Laura accepts 8 people into the studio. For the moment, we are limited because of coronavirus restrictions. **No meeting on March 6th. There is another event in the studio that day.
Just $15 a session:
Bring a notebook and pen. Handouts are provided via email. For in-person class, bring a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow to provide comfort. We will sit on the floor, but there are chairs for those who need them.
Each week, Laura discusses a theme around journaling and the writing process.
To contact Laura:
Phone: 203-848-7512




With Kimberly Miller 

*For Kiddo's ages 8-12*  Saturday April 17th 12 pm $20 (see details below picture)

*Crystals 101 - Saturday April 24th at 12:00-1pm $25 (see details below picture)


**Note** If you can get a group of 3 or more Teens together reach out to Kimberly as she would enjoy offering that Class Again! ** 

For Kiddo's Class - Saturday April 17th 12:00pm: Kimberly will introduce 4 crystals specifically for this age group. Kids are LOVING crystals and are really connecting with them and are super curious! This class will be fun! Kimberly "may" discuss how certain crystals can help with bad dreams, helping to focus, aiding in normal stresses that this age can experience. It all depends on what they need and or asking for. This class will be about 40 minutes long and requires a 3 person minimum - please contact Kimberly to hold your spot! Text or Call: 203-915-4370 or email:   Cost: $20.00 The 4 crystals are included in the cost.

***Attention parents! While you are waiting for your kids, you can enjoy either a session at Julie's Essential Oil Blending Bar OR a Ritual Foot Soak with Cheryl! As both rooms connect you will be close at hand, at the same time you can spoil yourselves!  For details please message us at (put Kiddo Class in Subject line) or call 203-626-9881 and leave a message if we aren't there.  Or even better feel free to stop in and we can give you a tour with details :)  

Crystals 101 - Saturday April 24th  12:00pm:  Kimberly will introduce the top 12 crystals and how they can benefit daily lives,  our relationships with others and with ourselves.  Kim may also touch on the connections between crystals and chakras.    The set of 12 crystals is available for purchase upon request.

Class will be 1 hour  long and requires a 3 person minimum - please contact Kimberly to hold your spot! Text or Call: 203-915-4370 or email:    Cost: $25.00




With Cheryl Yaeger

Sunday April 18th 10am- 4pm

Are you curious about Craniosacral Therapy?
Craniosacral work is a gentle form of hands-on bodywork that works with the deepest tissues in the body. The focus is on the 22 cranial bones, spine and sacrum as well as the brain, cerebrospinal fluid and surrounding membranes. The touch is very light, engaging the body’s own rhythms for healing.
Craniosacral work is beneficial for a number of conditions, both physical and stress related.
Below is a partial list:
• Back Pain (chronic and acute)
• Car accidents
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Concussions
• Dental trauma
• Facial trauma
• Fibromyalgia
• Headaches/migraines
• Pain relief
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Sacral-Iliac issues
• Scoliosis
• Sinus Problems
• Tension relief
• Tinnitus
• Trauma recovery
• Whiplash
The Clinic Is a private 40 min session with a special rate.
Investment: $45
Cheryl A. Yeager
Licensed Massage and Craniosacral Therapist
CT#: 008424
Contact Cheryl for your appointment 203.430.8682





With Julie Dokas

Friday April 23rd  6pm-8pm
Friday May 21st 6pm-8pm

Just as vitamins & supplements support your physical body,

these vibrational healing remedies nourish your light body...

Flower essences illuminate the dark, stagnant, fear based places within us and transmute it into light. Catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution, they elevate your frequency, bring you into alignment, increase your vibrancy, elation & vitality.

Shift old patterns & beliefs. Expand your creativity & confidence. Deepen your intuition. Amplify your manifestation abilities.

Come experience what happens when you mix meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, energy healing & flower essences into a 2 hour experiential journey, guided by the'll tap into your intuition, and leave feeling a little more luminous...

 Join Julie Dokas, creator of BiolumenEssence Flower Essences for this Flower Essence Journey. We will explore what flower essences are, how they are made, how to use them, the distinction between flower essences & essential oils….
We will go on a journey with the essences, so you get an immersive experience in connecting with the essences to see what messages they have for you, while tapping into their subtle energy.

If you are curious about various types of plant medicine, or energy work, you may find flower essences fascinating and powerful.
Join us for this fun & experiential evening!

Cost is $35

For more information & to register visit:



With Tom Perry  $10 - $20 offering 

                                Saturday April 24th from 4:00 - 6:00pm                                         

Bring your own Drum if possible

Using a Shamanic approach to opening the Heart, Connecting & Aligning you back to the Earth while honoring the Earth’s and your Ancestors. The perfect way to shift and balance your energy as your spirit calls for. Bring your own drum, borrow if available and some drums available to purchase at Hidden Gem. (Taking place at Divinely Rooted accessible from Hidden Gem or Main Street




With Mark Iwanicki

Saturday April 24th 4:30-5:30  Fee $20


A great and fun way to practice Reading Tarot! Join Mark once a month in a casual setting with others to grow your Tarot Card Reading skills. Text or Call Mark with Questions: (617) 230-1765
You can also P.M. Mark on his Facebook Page: Iwanickimedia
*Scroll Down to see Dates and Times for Marks Tarot Class*




With Kathleen Solomon - Every other Sunday from 10am-2pm:

April 25th 

People are feeling such positive results with Magnetic Energy Treatments by Kathleen Solomon, she will be holding clinics monthly (possibly bi-weekly!)
Make sure to schedule your session ahead of time to ensure you get in!
Magnawave is a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field ) energy treatment that is noninvasive and promotes overall wellness, aiding in the body's ability to heal itself naturally.
Kathleen Solomon, is the owner of Dragonfly Field of Wellness and has been a licensed veterinary technician for 24 years. She has been utilizing MagnaWave on small animals for the past 8 years and is now a MagnaWave Practitioner, Certified to treat people, horse as well as small animals.
Pet's are welcome at this Clinic!
Please contact Kathleen for an appointment or with any questions
via text/call 914-309-3060 or
Clinic Fee is $50 per 30 min session ($15 off standard session fee).
"I am very happy with the results I feel from my 30 minute Magnawave session. It is absolutely effective for my chronic back pain along with my chiropractic care. I had noticeable reduced foot pain as well. I like that Magnawave heals on the cellular level." Kim ~





with Melanie Tarr

 Tuesday April 27the  6-8pm   $45

Building on what you learned from the Intro to Oracle Card Reading class, Melanie will introduce new topics such as card spreads, reading with multiple decks, and fine-tuning the ask. There will be opportunities for questions and practice with one-on-one attention in this small group class. We have decks available for purchase though you’re invited to bring as many non-tarot decks as you like!

2-hour Class: $45

Payment details:

To reserve your spot or ask questions regarding this event, please contact Melanie at 203-906-6856. 






With Mark Iwanicki - Saturday May 8th 3-5 pm  Fee $40

There are many ways to read the Tarot. Come join us for a class that will explore why Tarot works, how it can be customized to your own style of reading, and 3 simple spreads to elicit powerful readings. *Bring your own deck or purchase one in the store * $40 for 2 hour class. Text or Call Mark to enroll: (617) 230-1765

You can also P.M. Mark on his Facebook Page: Iwanickimedia Join Mark Iwanicki in an informative and enjoyable Intro to Tarot Class. Mark is an accomplished Tarot reader and teacher.
If you've wanted to learn to read Tarot, Mark's class is great way to start!

Mark is also offering monthly Study Groups as well.




With Lauren Condron

                 2nd Friday of every month 6-8pm   


What exactly will the Witches Wheel of the Year Course cover over 2021?

Here’s a taste of what we will explore:

May 14th: Theme - Beltane: May Eve (April 30th-May 1st) (Start of the Season of Rebirth)

June 11th: Theme - Litha: Summer Solstice (June 19th-23rd) (Middle of the Season of Rebirth)

July 9th: Theme - Elemental, Herbal, Stone/Crystal, and Zodiac/ Planetary Magick

August 13th: Theme - Lughnasadh: Lammas (August 1st) (End of the Season of Rebirth/Intro to the Season of Life)

September 10th: Theme- Mabon: Fall Equinox (Sept 21st- 24th) (Beginning of the Season of Life)

October 8th: Theme - Samhain: All Hallows Eve (Oct 31st-Nov 1st) (Middle of the Season of Life)

November 12th: Theme: Ancestral Magick - Our Legacy and Our Lineage

December 10th: Theme - Yule: Winter Solstice (Dec 20th-23rd) (End of the Season of Life/Intro to the Season of Death/Release)

*The cost is $45 a class and includes all written materials, with access to her for deepening the learners specific practice 1:1 (live or virtually, by appointment) at no additional cost.* Classes held at Divinely Rooted (within Hidden Gem On Main)  Virtual Classes will also be offered.  Contact Lauren directly with questions or to sign up for class: or find her on IG: @WitchWheelOfTheYear




with Karen Kremzar

Next Clinic Date TBA

40 minute Sessions for $45

Contact Karen directly to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions – 203.213.0121 

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses very   light touching to balance the craniosacral system in the body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area.

Karen is an occupational therapist with certifications in Reiki level I and II, anxiety treatment, health and wellness coaching and trainings in mindfulness, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release.

“My intention for each session is to create a safe space for you to deeply relax into love and peace. This is where true healing begins. My intuition guides me to help your body and mind reframe, release and restore.”
Contact Karen directly to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions – 203.213.0121 –





with Julie & Cheryl

 Date TBD 5pm-6pm $55
The Alchemy of Water. Salt. Flower Essences & Essential Oils meet the power of sound. energy & meditation…allowing Surrender. Healing & Release and the embodiment of Vitality, Elation & Serenity.
Join Julie from BiolumenEssence & Cheryl of Spoiled for this expansive, healing experience that will leave you feeling aligned & luminous.
Space is limited to 4 people per time slot, registration is required.




With Julie Dokas - Essential Oil Blending Playshop class fee $45

Next Date TBD

ar·o·mat·ic /ˌerəˈmadik/ 

adjective: having a pleasant and distinctive smell. 

al·che·my ˈalkəmē/

noun: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

We will discuss the therapeutic & energetic uses of essential oils and how to work with them most effectively & in a way that is aromatically balanced & beautiful.  You'll be creating 2 products - choose from a lotion, face/body/or foot scrub, inhaler, room spray or perfume roll on. 

You’ve probably been hearing and seeing everywhere online & from your friends & neighbors about how essential oils are the cure for everything that ails you. There is a lot of misinformation flying around and it can be challenging to navigate this info as a newbie to essential oils & aromatherapy. 

In this intro to essential oils class - no experience necessary!

$45 fee includes materials/2 products

**Preregistration required**




Date TBD  $35 offering

 With Lauren Condron  


Have you ever enjoyed the warmth, scent, and feel of a candles flame, but didn't know how to harness it? Ever wanted to learn the colors, herbs, symbols, and correlations to bring extra power to your work? Join us in exploring the art of candle magick, which can be used in prayer, energy work, intention setting, manifestation, spellwork, and so much more!

Hosted by Hidden Gem on Date TBD 6:30-8pm by Lauren Condron, our resident witch! You will explore as a group all the ways candles can be used in this powerful work.

The price of the class is $35 and will include all materials needed, all you bring is an open heart and imagination!




With Melanie Tarr

Tuesday April 13th   6-8pm  $25

Learn about the process of receiving intuitive guidance with the help of oracle cards during this comprehensive class taught by a professional reader. Attendees will be given step-by-step instructions for giving 1-card and 3-card readings as well as opportunities to ask questions and practice if desired. Attend with a non-tarot deck of your own—it could be a favorite deck or one that’s new to you!
This class will be taught by Melanie Tarr, a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki practitioner who is passionate about helping others connect to their own spiritual support system.
2-hour Class: $25
Payment details:
For more information about the class, to ask questions regarding decks, or to reserve your seat please contact Melanie at 203-906-6856.



With Melanie Tarr

Next Date TBD in June 6pm   $25


Join us for a Spring edition of the Animal Messengers class-- a discussion of the natural world around us and the wisdom of native wildlife.  Topics include finding the magic in common encounters, learning from animal totems, and applying the wisdom nature seeks to share with us.  Hour-and-a-half Class: $25  Email to reserve your spot!



 Find us on Facebook at Hidden Gem On Main  - you can find all of our events, updates & other fun stuff posted there.
Join our Hidden Gem On Main Group  on Facebook  - it is a fun place to meet new-like minded friends, and share what is on your heart & mind...we like to keep it light & fun, with a HEARTY dose of Woo.