Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan has been practicing yoga and Occupational Therapy for 20 years. She finds great enjoyment in assisting people through their yoga practice with a calm, relaxed, and fun approach. Erin believes anyone can tap the endless benefits of yoga including decreased stress, improved restful sleep, decreased pain, increased mobility, sharper focus, and improved comfort in your body.

She is knowledgeable and experienced with beginners and seasoned practitioners alike and offers modifications and variations to almost all postures. Her training with world renowned teachers like Don Stapleton of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, advanced training in Positional Therapy from Lee Albert at Kripalu in Massachusetts and Erika Halford at Connecticut School of Yoga in Middletown combine to give you a multidimensional approach to yoga.

Erin's professional knowledge of the body considers injury, pain and/or limitations and allows her students to feel welcome and able no matter what body type or yoga experience they have. Her classes allow for self exploration while instilling realignment, support and balance to the body.