Journey Dance

There is no avoiding expressing who we came here to be. We’ve tripped on decaying logs and gotten tangled in unrelenting thorns too many times on this path to keep standing on the edge. We’ve gotten this far because we are meant for so much more!!!

There is this room at Hidden Gem, this pond clearing in the forest of life’s journey, where I am taking a wintertime plunge to dance a new story, and I’d love for you to join me.

However wet you are willing to get inside the gift that is the ocean of yourself, you can.

Sing underwater, sing above water,
dip just your toes, get water up your nose,
just show up and see how it goes!
the water flows,
the water knows.

yours truly in watery composition,
JourneyDance is an extraordinarily cool method of therapeutic movement alchemy that will get the funk out of your body and your spirit funkin’ free! This experience is for you if you want to get a taste of what kind of ecstasy is naturally possible through the power of self-expression. No dance or movement experience required, no one turned away for any reason.

***What will go down: We will gather in opening circle at 6:30pm and gently transition our bodies through a playground of energetic movement for 60-90 minutes, with a sound healing meditation to close. You will leave feeling light and renewed.

***Cost: The cost of the event is an amount that resonates with you based on the experience you receive. Alexa will be collecting donations via cash, check, paypal, or venmo after the dance.

***What to bring: Wear comfortable clothing that permits you to roll around on the floor (longsleeve as opposed to bare skin may be a preference). Dress to sweat! Bring a water bottle! Optional-- yoga mat, blanket, eye mask to get cozy during the closing meditation.

***Space is limited. RSVP on Facebook, Eventbrite, or email

***questions/concerns? Email or call/text Alexa at 203-394-7599

Every time we show up to a new, blank space, there is an opportunity for the strength inside us to come forth and show us what we are truly capable of.

The energy of this space is prime for bringing out the YOU that the life of your dreams is calling you FORth to INbody!!

Sea you in the pool ♥