Manifest your Dream 2019

Manifest Your Dream 2019

A ritual to embody and empower your vision through meditation, yoga and art.
January 19th 10am-2pm
As we step into this brand new year, let’s take the time and presence to explore our hearts truest desires.  Through meditation, yoga and abstract painting, we will set the manifestation of our dreams into motion!
Beginning with a guided meditation to connect with our vision, we will define what feelings and experiences we are manifesting for this year.  Once this vision is formed, Jackie will guide a gentle yoga practice to ground the dream into your body.  Between yoga and painting, we will pause to nourish ourselves with food and getting to know each other.  Then, Jackie will explain how to make a mixed-media painting that captures the essence of your dream on paper.  She will provide a variety of art supplies, including paper, acrylic and watercolor paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, etc. Engaging in this creative process births the vision from the dream realm into the earthly realm of form in space.  Once completed, bringing your painting into your home aligns your energy with the energy of what you are creating for your life.  We’ll culminate with an opportunity to share and be witnessed and supported by the group, using the vibration of our voices to send signals out to the Universe to support us as we support each other.
What to bring:
-Yourself, just as you are.  No artistic “talent”, yoga, meditation, or other experience necessary.  Everyone is welcome!
-A lunch or snack
-A Water Bottle
-A Journal (we can provide paper)
-A Yoga Mat (we have extras)
Please arrive 5-10
 minutes early to settle in so we can begin our opening circle right at 10am.
There is no specific cost for this event.  Jackie will be collecting donations at the end of the workshop via cash, check, paypal and venmo.  You can pay based on the value you feel you have received from this experience, what a class of this nature might typically cost, what you are capable of paying, or a number that comes to your heart for seemingly no reason at all.  Any amount, including zero, will be gratefully accepted without judgment.  For more information about why I am structuring my payments this way, please visit or read his book, Sacred Economics.
Reserve your spot as soon as possible by emailing  Space is limited.
About the facilitator:
Jackie Malka Ryan is a visionary artist, yoga teacher, healer and life coach.  She has a BA in Studio Art from the University of Vermont and has continued her education by studying with visionary painters such as Alex and Allyson Grey, Randall Roberts and Morgan Mandala.   Her art is heavily influenced by her healing journey and her passion for guiding others out of destructive patterns and into a frequency of health and fulfillment.  She has been teaching yoga for 5 years and was certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2015.  She coaches clients not only around natural remedies for healing the physical body, but also in bringing all aspects of life into balance by making bold life choices to transform their daily experience into one that aligns with their truth.  Last summer, she completed the DreamBuilder Program by Mary Morrissey, increasing her tools for bringing dreams to life.  To get to know her better, please visit her website