Ongoing Classes & Offerings

Akashic Records Readings

Have you ever wondered why the same issues keep coming up? Or why you never seem to have enough money? Or why you seem to be stuck in the same old rut? The Akashic Records can provide these answers and more! The Akashic Records are an energetic record of every thought, word and action you have ever experienced in every lifetime you’ve lived on Earth. Lynne Grobsky uses a prayer that provides access to the energy of the Records. Since energy carries information, every area of life can be explored. There are no questions too big or too small! After a reading, you may feel more peaceful, and you may have more clarity about how to live your life with more harmony and love. Sign up for a reading today!


$1/per min


Take a Sound Break! 

Need a vacation? How about a sound journey? Sink into the heavenly bliss of a soothing sound meditation. Lynne Grobsky’s sacred sound journey takes you on a deeply relaxing sound immersion. Lynne incorporates guided visualization, toning and chanting, chimes, singing bowls, rattles and a drum. Sound healing works because it is moving energy.

When high vibrational sound waves move through our bodies (which are mostly water), the sound waves stir up the body’s energy. This brings any negative emotions such as anger, sadness or stress to the surface, where it can be released. While there are no guarantees, you will emerge feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Requested Donation: $20


Meditation & Sound Healing with Anita

Our evening together will be simple. We will begin by relaxing into the body. Then, we will engage in a brief mindfulness meditation, which will then be followed by group and individual sound healing with Tibetan bowls and crystal singing bowls.
Bring a yoga mat, and/or blanket to rest upon the floor for this one hour session.

Angel Oracle Card Reading

The angels and ascended masters are gentle and also direct. They will guide you in discovering your life path through the questions you ask them.
Bring a general question to the reading. We will work with two angel card decks of your choosing.
$1/per min