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CLARITY Pansy Flower Essence

CLARITY Pansy Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • That you are dealing with deep emotional grief
  • That you have shut down & closed off your Heart
  • That you have some “hurdles” to overcome
  • That you don’t have a clue as to your life purpose, or why you incarnated on the planet.
  • In a period of growth or transition


Clarity fosters:
  • Eases and soothes emotional pain and helps quiet the mind.
  • Ease in the process of Letting Go
  • Helps one return to innocence and see the true intention in one’s own actions.
  • Growth & Soaring of your Spirit to overcome fears and limitations.


Pansy’s BiolumenEssence
“Pansy flower essence acts as Heart opener. Spiritual refinement. Truth. Ecstasy. Progressiveness – moving forward & through – letting go. Refinement. Clarity of purpose. Use when you are “down in the dumps” it elevates and expands consciousness. Gentle playful nurturer, as a Confidant/equal (not parental). Joyful and lovey.”


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