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Copper Knot Designs

Copper Knot Designs Necklaces

Copper Knot Designs Necklaces

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I have always been enthralled with handmade jewelry. Handmade jewelry, especially one of a kind pieces, is so special because you encounter something that so many people will never be able to see and experience. Whenever I went on vacations either locally or across the world, the first thing I would seek was small boutiques that sold handmade pieces of jewelry.

In my professional life I started off as a high school biology teacher. During the summer I worked at a small craft store for extra money. I found myself longing for the summers to work and spend time at the craft store where I was exposed to various jewelry making supplies and so MANY beads! My love for handmade jewelry inspired me to buy my first set of jewelry pliers, a spool of craft wire, a strand of purple jade beads, a beginners wire wrapping book, and a hidden talent was discovered. I quit teaching and never looked back. Now I pursue my dream of selling one of a kind handmade pieces around the world to others in need of inspiration in their lives.

Most of my inspiration comes from the fantasy novels I have read. In many of the stories I have read, there is always some sort of magical pendant that the main character acquires. This pendant always awakens some sort of hidden power that the character never knew that they had. I feel that the pieces that I create have the same effect as the pendants from the fantasy stories. Each piece that is created speaks to a different individual and awakens a part of them as well. My goal is to keep creating pieces in order for everyone to find their unique special piece that is meant only for them. I hope you find your piece!


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