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Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd

Vendors, Food, Beer Tasting and More!!

We will be raffling off a Gift Basket!

Meet our Readers & Practitioners!

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Come and spend some time in the beautiful, quaint and fun town of Wallingford where there is a sprinkle of Magic on the Corner of Wellness and Woo!

Remember: the main roads will be closed but there is PLENTY OF PARKING in the lot on Wallace Avenue off of Center Street. You will only be able to access Center Street from South Elm Street.

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With Heather Gottlieb 

Saturday, September 24th, 6-8 PM | $40


Gemstones and Protection and Guide to Gem Classification (40.00 per person)
Heather Gottlieb, an Intuitive Psychic Medium, will talk about how gemstones are not as straightforward in gemology.  There is not one specific way to classify gemstones, rather there are several.  Each gemstone has its own purpose and when put together can bring clarity, protection and healing properties.  
Collecting gemstones is a rewarding endeavor.  People collect for different reasons, but mother nature has showed us how she can spread her beautiful wings to bring us natural stones all across the globe.
The scientific word for gemstones is gemology.  The beauty of a gemstone is you can study one for the rest of your life and find new things every day.  
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  People study and own the gemstones they are drawn to.  People generally have no idea why they are drawn to one specific gemstone, but it is meant to be.  
We will be talking about and studying more common this first class.  The gemstones are sold at Hidden Gem as well so feel free to pick up your own before or after the class.  The gemstones I am planning on talking about are:
Herkimer Diamond
Clear Quartz
Tigers Eye
I cannot guarantee we will cover all of the above depending on questions and how many people attend.  I also plan on talking about Moldavite because of how interesting it is! To learn more about me and my services please check out my website  I have a linktree on the website so you can find all of my social media.  
Pre-Registration is required with a minimum of 3 people.  Walk-Ins welcome depending on the size of the class. Space is limited to 10, adults only (18+)
***Class cancellation Policy*** If there is not a minimum of 3 people that pre-register at least 48 hours in advanced the session will be canceled.
Location Hidden Gem on Main, Wallingford CT.  
Cost is $40 per person/per session, cash, credit card, Venmo, CashApp or Paypal expected.  Payment is accepted before class.  



Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives

Saturday September 24th 10:30am-12:30pm with Christine McNallly

Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives: Harness Your Power to Thrive & Expand in a World of Chaos as a Highly Sensitive Person ($88 per person)

Are you a deep-feeling person who is easily affected by the people, energy, and circumstances around you? Do certain situations — like crowds, relationship drama, or work overwhelm — leave you wanting to crawl into bed and sleep? Do you “know” things, pick up on vibes easily, or experience energy more acutely than others do? If any of this resonates with you, you’re likely an empath, intuitive, sensitive. Or generally referred to as a highly sensitive person (HSP).

As a highly sensitive person, Christine McNally, RMT, an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, will work with to help facilitate to anchor, and align your highly sensitive energy into a center state of ones by giving you the tools through an active learning experience in giving the tools needed in protecting, elevating, harmonizing, and balancing your highly sensitive energy so that you can thrive and expand. This a two for one offering, a masterclass and HSP healing activation!  You will be provided practical daily tools that you can use when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or completely drained so you can learn to release the energy that isn’t yours and feel in control of yourself again.  

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Embrace your sensitivity, manage your energy, and hone your empathic superpowers
  • How to protect your energy and create your energetic sacred space
  • Release difficult emotions, reduce the battering by psychic debris, calm your nervous system & receive expansive new energies and messages for your highest good
  • Receive a HSP healing energy activation to raise the voltage and vibration of your energetic blueprint as an HSP!

Pre-registration is required, minimum of 2 participant required to offer class; space is limited to 10 participants for each session, adults only (18 +). ***Class Cancellation Policy: If there is not a minimum of 2 participant pre-register at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled date of the session, the session will be canceled.

Email: to sign up. 

To learn more about Christine and what she offers, visit her website @

Location: will be in the Apothecary @ Hidden Gem on Main. 

Cost: $88.00/per person, cash or Venmo, payable at the start of the session when you arrive.






Saturday October 8th 10:30am-12:00pm with Leanne Duprat | $25

The void created by the loss of a loved one can be unbearable. Leanne has a gift can sometimes help lighten that grief. 

Leanne Duprat is a Psychic Medium. At this event, people who sign up will be able to connect with a person who has passed on. You will be given the opportunity to contact the one person you would like to hear from the most.

 There are only 10 spots available, so that Leanne can be sure everyone there gets to connect with their loved one.  Reserve your seat before you miss out. 

**Walk Ins Welcome**

To register email: or call 203-530-8165

Visit to learn more about Leanne.



With Christine McNally  ($44 per person)

Sunday, October 9 / 1:00-2:00PM
Sunday, November 13 / 1:00-2:00PM
Sunday, December 11 / 1:00-2:00PM

Christine McNally, RMT, an Intuitive Reiki Energy Practitioner, will work with the angelic-realm to help facilitate, shift, and anchor your soul-energy into a center state of ones by elevating, harmonizing, and balancing your soul-energy as well as assist you to return to a high vibrational state of love. Each small group
healing circle will include clearing your energy field, grounding your energy, and transmuting any unwanted energy through an active guided healing energy process. Christine will also facilitate and perform both hands on and off energy work as needed for each person in the session. This is an energy healing session performed in a small group session. Each month’s energy session addresses different energetic needs to each person and the group collectively.

To learn more about Christine and what she offers, visit her website @

Pre-registration is required, minimum of 2 participant required to offer class; space is limited to 6 participants for each session, adults only (18 +).

***Class Cancellation Policy: If there is not a minimum of 2
participant pre-register at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled date of the session, the session will be canceled.
Email: to sign up.

Location: will be in the Apothecary @ Hidden Gem on Main.
Cost: $44.00/ per person/ per session, cash or Venmo, payable at the start of the session when you arrive.


 A Night of Connecticut Ghost Stories

Saturday October 22nd at 7pm ~ Divinely Rooted 

Hosted by the Woogle Community and Paul Rice & Michelle Pellin (SHONE: Spirit Healers of New England)

Have you ever encountered a ghost, but didn’t want to share the story, for fear of being looked at as “crazy”?
Please join Paul Rice and Michelle Pellin, members of the group “SHONE” (Spirit Healers of New England), as we share what we do, tell stories of our ghost worker team helping spirit move on, and then open up the floor to hear YOUR ghost stories. We would love to hear your experiences!!
Please check out their FB and IG pages @spirithealersofnewengland and their website
P.S. it’s not just ghosts out there...
This is an 18+ event.
Pre-Registration is REQUIRED.
Join us in person at Divinely Rooted or virtually! Virtually attendees will be contacted via email from with the Zoom link before the event.
In Person Investment: $35
Click here to purchase 
Virtual Tickets: $25
Please reach out to Team@Woogle.Org with any questions!




Sunday, October 23rd 2022 |  2-3:30pm | $50

Grab a friend & enjoy an afternoon decorating cookies. Hosted by the Tasty Sprinkle- for more information or to register: CLICK HERE


October 24th, 6-8pm | $50 | Kid Friendly (10+)

Join our Woogle Member Marisol Auli down at Hidden Gem on Main in Wallingford to make a wire ribbon wreath that will quickly become a favorite for your holiday decor!
You will construct a seasonal wreath adorned with floral picks and decorations for all your harvest season needs - so easy to make, you'll want to make another to give as a gift!
This is a kid friendly event, as long as children are 10+ years of age!
Investment: $50 (plus tax)
Click here to purchase!
Please reach out to Marisol with any CLASS SPECIFIC questions at: Any other questions can be sent over to the Woogle Team at! Click HERE to learn more about Woogle!



Featuring the magical mocktails from Bones & Botanicals, and Vino Herb (non alcoholic CBD wine). 

FRIDAY 10/28/22: Jessica, Melanie, Carrie & Heather

SATURDAY 10/29/22: Mark, Mike, Irene & Edmund



Tuesday December 13 between 4:30-6:30pm




With Christine McNally    ($22 per person)


We have heard of the Celtic myths, legends, and stories where we heard of mythical being or legendary creature found in the folklore of multiple European cultures, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Fairies are often associated with plants and springtime, depicted as pure figures who possess magical powers and our earth healers.

Christine McNally, OIM, a Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, will facilitate an introductory class on how to commune and communicate with the fae and nature spirits. You will be using a Celtic shamanism technique on how communicate with the Fae as you journey through the middle world to meet your Faery guide and then perform a simple guided shamanic journey around your home, backyard, or a place in nature of your choice. This is based on the true methods of the Celtic “creideamh si” (faery faith), who are still known today as the wise wives or faery doctors, whose role deals in the healing work inspired by and devoted to the Fae.

Pre-registration is required, minimum of 2 participants required to offer class; space is limited to 10 participants, adults only.
Class Cancellation Policy: If there is not a minimum of 2 participants pre-register 24 hours in advanced of scheduled date of class, the class will be

Email: to sign up.

Location will be in the Apothecary @ Hidden Gem. 

Cost: $22.00/ per person, cash or Venmo, payable at the start of the session.



With Chris Olin - DATE TBD

The Food Conspiracy

With Chris Olin

No charge 

Please let me know if you are attending: 203-824-2758 or email

I cannot tell you how many times a day people confide that they are anxious, stressed, depressed, chronically tired, overweight, angry, have an illness… whether it is mental or physical.

This is the REAL pandemic and has been for decades. 

I want to talk about this and I want to share with you my thoughts based on personal experiences and years of education on what I believe is the common thread.

I promise you complete transparency and I will be very direct. You may not like what I have to say, or believe some or any of it and I respect that. But this I offer you:

I am not charging any fees for this group discussion AND I am offering 40% off supplements, including special orders.

If you choose to follow up with a private consultation, again I will not charge a fee.

I am THAT confident and I care THAT much for you…every single one of you. 

My heart is breaking for the suffering going on! I am angry that certain information about food and supplements is false and misleading, purposely intended to create illness to fill the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and the government.

I also promise you may actually have fun as I do like to have fun even in these most difficult of times, it is essential.

In return, I ask that you bring an open mind, if you disagree or you feel uncomfortable, you are given permission to quietly leave….yes, it may get that intense.

Are you ready to take control of your health? How committed are you to your physical, mental and spiritual well being?

Bring a notebook and pen along with your beautiful spirit…I cannot wait to meet you!

Group discussion at the end. 

With love & light ~