Wednesday September 27th 6:30-8pm with Kathy Sabo

    Learn and experience different ways to bring meditation into your life as a daily practice. Meditation does not have to be all silence and chanting. It can be, but that is not always practical if you are in a crowded airport. Spend some time to explore other options.
    *Learn different ways to meditate that work for your body, time schedule and location.
    *Meditate to reduce anxiety/stress, to help you sleep, to be in the present moment and so much more!
    *Learn about guided, silent, sound, chanting meditations to name a few and when to use them.
    *Experience a couple of short meditations.
    *Learn how to quiet the mind.
    *Cost is $15.00 per person which includes sales tax
    *Payment can be cash, check, Venmo or purchasing tickets through Eventbrite. (Eventbrite charges a fee to use their site).
    *Pre registration is highly recommended and appreciated to reserve your spot by emailing or by purchasing tickets on Eventbrite.
    *Class led by Kathy Sabo
    *Call 475-222-6503 with any questions.

    to reserve your spot email: or call 475-222-6503


    Every Thursday
    Time: 6:00-6:45pm
    Cost: $10 per class (cash or Venmo)
    Experience the support and connection with others as we open our hearts and calm our minds in a gentle guided meditation practice. These guided meditation classes will include breathwork, grounding
    exercises, energy work and accessing your inner intuitive guidance.


    Facilitated by Christine McNally,
    RMT, OIM, Shamanic Practitioner. For more information, please contact Christine at


    Sunday October 1st 11:30am-3:30pm with Rev. Lauri Ingram
    The Crystal Dreaming  EXPRESS technique is a pathway to rapid Ascension and Unity Consciousness, allowing participants to shift their perception of life positively and dramatically.  

    The Express technique enables anyone to have a conscious connection with their I AM presence or Higher Self very quickly, typically within less than 20 minutes. Doing so requires no prior knowledge, training, or preparation. All that is needed is an open mind and an open heart.

    With these simple prerequisites, it is possible to access a state of Oneness with the Universe and All-There-Is. From this limitless state of consciousness, you become aware of all that you are and your interconnectedness with all beings, across all time and space.  

    The Crystal Dreaming EXPRESS technique may be used to bypass any potential blocks to accessing Unity Consciousness.  It allows anyone to experience a profoundly expanded state of consciousness, an experience that usually takes years of meditation and Esoteric practice to achieve, or the ingesting of plant medicines or psychedelics. 


    The Express technique is only offered by experienced Crystal Dreaming practitioners with extensive experience facilitating traditional Crystal Dreaming sessions.  These practitioners are well grounded in the Crystal Dreaming technique and have demonstrated the ability to successfully lead others through all potential outcomes of the EXPRESS technique.



    Things to Explore During a Crystal Dreaming EXPRESS Session

    ·        The cause of repeated injuries or conditions that refuse treatment

    ·        Releasing negative patterns

    ·        Trauma location and release

    ·        Dissolving limiting contracts and agreements

    ·        Releasing Spirit attachments and negative energies

    ·        Locating and releasing past life trauma

    ·        Psychic clearing

    ·        Clearing or alleviating negative karma

    ·        Merging with your I AM Presence

    ·        Accessing Akashic Records

    ·        Activating dormant 12 strand DNA

    ·        Reclaiming past life skills and ancient wisdom

    ·        Spiritual breakthroughs

    ·        Meeting Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and Masters

    ·        Activating your Life’s Purpose or Plan

    30min session $30

    To schedule: 203-435-5650


    Saturday October 14th 10am-12pm at New Spring Farm, Peru, VT.

    Experience the alchemy of the elements in this collaborative Breathwork/Flower Essence Journey series co-hosted by Julie Dokas and Gardner Orton. Inspired & guided by the wisdom of the elements, we'll Ground, Flow, Breathe and Ignite through the seasons in the Sacred Sanctuary at New Spring Farm in Peru, Vermont.

    Using Conscious Connected Breathing, we’ll activate our vital life-force energy, raising our vibration so that higher codes of consciousness & presence can be easily accessed. In this expanded state, we’ll tap into the wisdom of Nature as we journey with the support of Flower Essences & essential oils, chosen to guide us into a deep and meaningful connection to Mother Earth & ourselves.





    COST: $40


    GROUND: Earth Element – October 14th 

    FLOW: Water Element – February - date TBD

    BREATHE – Air Element – April/May - date TBD

    IGNITE – Fire Element – July/August - date TBD

    Reach out to or text 203-514-8787 with any questions. 

    Register Here 

    OCTOBER 14th 11am-1pm

    There are many ways to read the Tarot. Come join us for a class that will explore why Tarot works, how it can be customized to your own style of reading, and 3 simple spreads to elicit powerful readings.

    Join Mark Iwanicki in an informative and enjoyable Intro to Tarot Class. Mark is an accomplished Tarot reader and teacher.If you've wanted to learn to read Tarot or hone your skills, Mark's class is great way to start!

    *Bring your own deck or purchase one in the store.

    This is about a 2 hour class.Text or Call Mark to enroll: (617) 230-1765or send a message to @Iwanickimedia

    Cost $25 If you are repeating the class, it's just $10.

    To reserve your spot, call/text Mark at (617) 230-1765

    More details 


    Christine McNally, Ordain Minister, RMT, an Angel Intuitive & Shamanic Practitioner, will work with the angelic-realm to help facilitate, shift, and anchor your soul-energy into a center state of ones by elevating, harmonizing, and balancing your soul-energy as well as assist you to return to a high vibrational state of love. Experience the support and connection of the angels with others as we open our hearts and calm our minds in this gentle guided energy session. You will be guided through the use of guided angelic imagery, breath work, vibrational-sound healing, and accessing angelic intuitive guidance for any messages. This is a facilitated small group guided energy session, however, as needed individual energy work will be facilitated for each person who attends.Pre-registration Required. Space limited to 10 participants max, adults only (18+). Minimum of 4 participants required to hold class***.Email to sign up: chrissyd877@gmail.comCost: $20.00 per person (cash only)***Class Cancellation Policy: If there is not a minimum of 4 participants pre-register at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled date of the session, the session will be canceled, no exceptions.

    More info 

    Wednesday October 18th 6:30pm-8pm $15

    Learn how to read Oracle Cards for yourself and others. Oracle Cards are fun and a great Divination tool. Using oracle cards is like getting advice from a close friend.
    *Learn the basics of oracle card reading.
    *Learn how to connect with your oracle card deck.
    *Learn how to phrase a question to ask of your deck.
    *Learn how to read the oracle card for yourself or others.
    *Learn what an oracle spread is and couple of different types of spreads.
    *You will be able to do oracle card readings by the end of class.
    *Students are encouraged to bring their own oracle card decks, or arrive early to purchase one at the store before class. I will have some extras decks on hand for people to borrow if needed.*Cost is $15.00 per person which includes sales tax
    *Payment can be cash, check, Venmo or purchasing tickets through Eventbrite. (Eventbrite charges a fee to use their site).
    *Pre registration is highly recommended and appreciated to reserve your spot by emailing or by purchasing tickets on Eventbrite.
    *Class led by Kathy Sabo
    *Call 475-222-6503 with any questions.

    with Kathy Sabo

    to reserve your spot email: or call 475-222-6503


    FRIDAY OCTOBER 20TH 6:30-8:30PM With Kathy Sabo

    During this harvest time, set an intention by creating a sigil on the bottom of a pumpkin and infuse the top with carnelian crystal energy.
    *Learn about the symbolism of the pumpkin and carnelian crystal energy.
    *Spend some time in a guided meditation to help formulate an intention to use in your sigil.
    *Learn how to make a sigil and the energy that goes along with it.
    *Untilizing a 3 1/2 inch whilte pumpkin and sharpies create your sigil on the bottom of the white pumpkin.
    *Decorate the top of your pumpkin with carnelian crystals.
    *Enjoy some time listening to singing bowls as you craft.
    *Cost is $30 per person which includes sales tax and all supplies for the craft.
    *Payment can be cash, check, Venmo, or purchasing tickets through Eventbrite (Eventbrite charges a fee to use their site)
    *Pre registration is highly recommended and appreciated to reserve your spot by emailing
    *Class led by Kathy Sabo
    *Call 475-222-6503 with any questions


    October 21st (& Every 3rd Saturday thereafter) 11:30-3:30pm

    If you feel a little 'lost' in life, have gone through life's trauma or are looking for some clarity on what to do about a life's difficult situation, a shamanic healing session could be hugely beneficial for you. Shamanic Healing is a soul-level healing that includes spiritual-energy work. In a shamanic healing, the practitioner will simply act as the connection between you and your guides in the other spiritual realms. Some physical sensations may be felt, however it’s all in the interest of healing your soul. It is very common to receive channeled intuitive messages as part of the healing session. Common areas of shamanic healing involves shamanic journey, soul retrieval, extractions, curse/spell removal, and psychopomp. Depending on the length of the session and nature of the issue being addressed, it may include one or all of the above. No one two sessions are exactly alike.

    Drop-ins are welcome, however appointments are strongly encouraged.

    60 min Session / $150

    Preregister/pay online here

    Distance sessions are available, and appointments for other days & times are an option as well.

    Please email Christine to set up your appointment.Facilitated by: Christine McNally, OIM, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner


    Sunday October 22nd at 9am (weather permitting)

    For those who don't find God inside four walls, but connect to the divine through Nature. This weekly gathering is for those who like to wander with wonder through the woods. A hiking group without a destination, that cultivates presence, mindfulness & community. FREE

    Contact or text 203.514.8787 for location details 

    October 21st (and the 3rd Saturday of every month thereafter 3:30-4:30pm) with Christine McNally. FREE

    **This is NOT a class in which you learn psychopomp work, this is a group to come together to perform the work as practitioners.**Join me to assist in this sacred work as either a lay practitioner, a spiritual healer, or someone with other high vibrational spiritual practices who want to attend and assist to jointly hold sacred space and/or co-participate to commission souls over. Each month we will focus on a specific intention or location in need of psychopomp. This is not a class; this is you participating actively using the guided psychopomp practice to assist souls to cross or to assist in holding the space. You do not need to be a shamanic practitioner, nor understand the specific process to participate, however some understanding of end-of-life spirituality is strongly recommended but not necessary. All lineages of psychopomp are welcome to be co-practiced. We will open sacred space, perform the psychopomp process, and then close sacred space. If you have little experience, you must be willing and open to follow specific direction and instructions in order to properly do this sacred work, appropriately and safely. Please bring a notebook if you’d like to write down your experiences. We will also have the chance to share our experiences at the end of circle. Sharing is welcome but not required.For more information regarding this monthly circle or make a suggested request for a location or intention in need of healing work, please contact Christine McNally at

    Learn more HERE 

    SATURDAY OCTOBER 28TH 11am with Tami Reagor


    Sunday, November 5, 2023 9:00am – 3:00pm

    Facilitated by: Christine McNally, OIM, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner trained in the Celtic lineage.We will explore our ancestral legacy, the gifts and wounds shaped by the experience’s emotional life, gifts/skills, and trauma of our ancestors, both recent and distant. Ancestral healing work is vast in nature and in this session, we will focus on journeys to reconnect you to your ancestral lands/lineage, journeys to identify your ancestral shadows, learn techniques to healing ancestral shadows, and understand the importance of creating family alters/shrines and a practice of ritual/ceremony. We will end the session with you holding sacred space to allow any earthbound ancestors the opportunity to cross over, a practice in shamanism called psychopomp.This workshop requires you to be actively engaged in doing your own ancestral healing work. This will be an experiential opportunity to dive immediately into healing yourself and your ancestral lines. This workshop will use the shamanic journey process and basic shamanic journeying is highly recommended, but not required, as it grounds you and gives you a container within which to do this work safely. It also gives you a foundation as to the nature of the soul's ability to travel between the worlds and what those worlds are. In addition, journeying teaches you how to safely access happy and healthy spirit guides and helpers. Basic shamanic journey will not be taught in this workshop.

    Pre-registration Required.

    To register, please email Christine: chrissyd877@gmail.comCost: $80.00 per person (cash only), payable upon arrival to workshop