We gave Kimberly Miller our vision for this painting, she brought it to life in the most magical way. Be sure to check it out next time you are at The Gem.


Flower Essence Journey

FRIDAY 5/26/23 6:30-8:30PM with Julie Dokas

We want to feel light, expansive & free, yet we are often bogged down & constipated with old energies, judgments & beliefs. Flower essences help to break through this stagnation & transmute it into light

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Organic Seed Starting


with Future Farm Girl Marisol

Come join us for this easy introduction to seed starting for success. Learn what soil to use for seeds, what seeds need to be soaked or even boiled before planting. perhaps you are interested in soilless planting. We will cover an array of topics including direct sow methods and a companion planting guide is included with this class.

Tickets are $15 for the class and materials and can be purchased on Venmo @futurefarmgirl.

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Healing Dynamics



Take the next step into expanding your healing practice. Work one on one with other practitioners. This class is offered as an intensive for those who are already involved with Energy Healing. Healing Dynamics is a two hour class lead by Craig Lefebvre, author and Certified Energy Healer.

This course only has space for 6 students. Cost $60.00 cash

E-Mail to register

More about Craig & his work

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Moon Circle

SATURDAY JUNE 3RD 3:30pm-5pm with Michelle Tierney.


Preregistration Required

475-201-3319 or email

About Michelle

Awaken your Luminous Nature & Embody the Sacred



June 4th 12pm-5pm

Join Julie Dokas & Kellie Codianna in this transformational mini retreat series. This is a journey/program/experience of Body, Mind & Soul…of Purpose & Passion, and moving through all the things that hold you back from aligning with your authentic self.

You’ll be given the tools you need to grow & thrive, while deeply grounding into your body, into the present moment, and learning how to nourish yourself on a whole other level. 

Integrating subtle energy, vibrational remedies from flowers & gems, aromatic essential oils, with powerful embodiment exercises & nutrition,  we’ll touch on all aspects of your being, to reach all the places previously inaccessible and hard to reach. 

It will be fun & challenging. We’ll work/play with food, super foods/herbs & elixirs, with some activities for creative self expression, self care & journaling thrown in. Immersive nature experiences, Ayurvedic wisdom/techniques, yoga/pilates, breathwork, meditation,etc…

This series is comprised of 6 individual retreats ($150 each), all with a different theme & focus, designed specifically to build upon each other. You can come to one, or all of the retreats. We do recommend the entire program if you are looking for powerful support in creating a life you love & are excited about. In order to support you in that process, if you sign up for the full 6 months program, you’ll save $100! ($800 for the series).


Reach out to or with any questions

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Ajna Light Therapy


with Marcus Rearden from Phoenix Starlight Wellness

The Ajna Light is light therapy that helps you experience a deep state of meditation with little effort. This therapy uses a pulsing white light over your third eye, which stimulates the pineal gland, producing visuals of kaleidoscopes of colors and patterns. Ajna light brings you into a deeper state of meditation and unlocks the creative centers of your brain. The light also may produce altered states of consciousness. Each Ajna Light journey is different, as it reflects the user's own consciousness, which is always changing.

Marcus will be offering 12min demo sessions, by donation.

Call or email to reserve your spot: (203) 545-2729

Welcoming Radiant Abundance: A Sound & Light Bath Guided Journey

SATURDAY JUNE 10TH 7PM-8:30PM WITH Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz & Peter Cohen

Embark on a transformative journey of relaxation, self-discovery, and cultivating radiant abundance in all areas of your life. Join us for an immersive and holistic experience designed to provide valuable insights and activate the flow of abundance in your being.⁣⁣

Radiant Abundance goes beyond the realms of finances; it encompasses love, joy, passion, freedom, good health, happy relationships, opportunities, connection and community, creative expression, and free flow.⁣⁣By aligning our energetic and emotional states, we become magnets for our desired reality. When we cultivate inner harmony, the outer world materializes to meet us.⁣⁣During this enchanting event, you will:⁣

Cultivate a deep connection with yourself⁣ - Align with your desires and intentions⁣ - Transmute inner limitations that hinder abundance⁣ - Ready yourself to receive and experience abundance in all aspects of your life⁣⁣.

Through a guided journey, you will be bathed in soothing sounds and surrounded by captivating lights that enhance your activation and connection with abundance. ⁣⁣By tapping into your inner resources and activating your true potential, you will integrate abundance into every fiber of your being.⁣⁣Come and experience the power of sound, light, and intentional guidance in a nurturing and supportive environment. ⁣⁣Allow yourself to release limitations, expand your perspective, and step into the fullness of abundance that awaits you.⁣⁣ We encourage you to bring an open heart, a willingness to explore, and a commitment to your personal growth and abundance.⁣⁣We look forward to sharing this incredible journey of radiant abundance with you!⁣⁣Please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in and ensure a smooth start to the journey. This will help us maintain the sacred circle and avoid disruptions once we begin.⁣⁣ We will conclude the event at 8 pm, allowing ample time for an open discussion following the guided journey. This will be an opportunity to share insights, ask questions, and explore other opportunities available to deepen your connection to self, consciousness, and limitless creation.⁣⁣We encourage you to engage in this dialogue and embrace the potential for further expansion on your journey of personal growth and abundance.⁣⁣ Come and join us as we delve into the realms of consciousness and discover the vast possibilities that await. ⁣⁣Together, let us create a space where profound insights can be shared, where questions can be explored, and where the path to limitless creation becomes clearer.⁣⁣Participation exchange: $20 (Payment accepted in cash or Venmo).⁣⁣To reserve your space,⁣⁣ Email or⁣⁣- Venmo⁣⁣- DM on FB chat.

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The Future is Frequency


Kelsey Sperl, Kelly Ingraham & Julie Dokas - FREE

Join us for an evening in Hallowed Grownd for a discussion on frequency and quantum energy.

Did you know everything in and around us is energy? Our bodies are composed of several layers. Under the tissues and organs we are made of cells. Under the cells are molecules. What makes molecules? Atoms. What makes an atom? Subatomic particles. And what is under the subatomic particles? Energy, frequency, and vibration!

We are not a body with an energy field, but an energy field with a body!

We are moving into the Aquarian age as a planet, the Information Age, for the next 200 years. Understanding ourselves and the world around us through the lens of energy and frequency will wake up our highest level of consciousness.

Come learn about ways to tap into your own unique bioenergetic field. We will
Introduce you to a tool that has the power to bring you into complete harmony, physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

Email or text 203-514-8787 to hold your spot.


    Every Tuesday & Thursday from 4pm-7pm is open bar at the BiolumenEssence Blending Bar. Create a customized aromatherapy or flower essence blend or have a FLORACLE reading.

    More Info 
  • Crystal of the Month


    1st Tuesday of every month from 6:30-7:30pm with Julie Dokas. Preregistration appreciated. Text: 203-514-8787 $10

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    Upcoming Dates: 5/20, 6/17

    Christine is offering Chair Reiki & other Mini Integrated Energy Work sessions every 3rd Saturday from 11:30-3:30pm.

    Ideal for those who have not experienced energy work. $20/15 min (cash or venmo) / Drop-in welcomeFacilitated by Christine McNally, RMT, OIM, Shamanic Practitioner. For more information, please contact Christine at


    Kevin is at the Gem every 2nd & 4th Tuesday 1-4pm & 2nd & 4th Saturday from 1-5pm. He integrates energy work & cranial sacral therapy into his massage. $25/15min


    Every Sunday at 9am (weather permitting)

    For those who don't find God inside four walls, but connect to the divine through Nature. This weekly gathering is for those who like to wander with wonder through the woods. A hiking group without a destination, that cultivates presence, mindfulness & community. FREE

    Contact or text 203.51.8787 for more details 

    Every Thursday starting in May!
    Upcoming Dates: 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25
    Time: 6:00-7:00pm
    Cost: $10 per class (cash or Venmo)
    Experience the support and connection with others as we open our hearts and calm our minds in a gentle guided meditation practice. These guided meditation classes will include breathwork, grounding
    exercises, energy work and accessing your inner intuitive guidance.

    Facilitated by Christine McNally,
    RMT, OIM, Shamanic Practitioner. For more information, please contact Christine at

  • Celtic Psychopomp


    3rd Saturday of every month 3:30-4:30pm with Christine McNally. Upcoming dates: 5/20 FREE

    Learn more HERE 

    Sundays (5/21 & 6/18) from 11:30am-12:30pm with Ben McManus. This group is a sacred and safe space where men can gather to express to each other what is on their minds and hearts.

    Text Ben to hold your spot:203-747-0530 FREE

  • Intro to Tarot


    2nd Saturday of every month from 12:00pm-2:00pm. FREE. To reserve your spot, call/text Mark at (617) 230-1765

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Return to your Element Retreat

SEPTEMBER 1ST - 4TH 2023 with Julie Dokas & Gardner Orton at New Spring Farm in Peru, Vermont.

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