• Breanna


    My mission is to assist those who seek guidance, clarity or perspective on certain areas of life. I incorporate the wisdom of crystals into my readings as they hold ancient knowledge & healing ability. In my readings, I connect to both spirit & crystals to provide clear messages for the highest good.

    I am Reiki Level 2 practitioner, Intuitive Oracle card reader & an avid crystal enthusiast. I believe it's important for us to reconnect with ourselves & learn to follow our hearts. All things move forward with the power of love.

    Through the journey of introspection & remembrance, may we all find and share our song.

    $30 for 30 min/ or $1 per minute for crystal readings.

    Email to book an appt.

  • Cheryl Reiki & Tarot


    Cheryl is a graduate of the University of Hartford, MS Organizational Psychology. Certified Reiki Master by Maryanne Lonergan RMT, Inner Balance Reiki Rocky Hill, CT. Founding member of the Holistic Community Professionals (HCP),& former member of the Holistic chamber of commerce. In addition to Reiki & Tarot readings, Cheryl also offers life coaching sessions.

    Readings are $45/20 min

    Call or text 860-966-0121 or email:

    Visit her website 
  • Edmund


    With 15 years of Reading Tarot, Edmund is no stranger to the Tarot World. He desires to help align others with authentic tarot readings, which are always detailed, efficient, thorough and consistent. Edmund will provide
    you with a solid reading and have you think beyond yourself.

    Appointments suggested, Walk-In's Welcome on Tuesdays from 2:30-6pm according to availability.
    Text: 203-285-4973


    Irene is no stranger to tapping into her intuition as she worked in the human services field for 35 years where trusting her instincts had to be second nature. She has been reading for others for over 10 years and is continually taking classes to improve her knowledge base and the quality of her readings.

    Irene offers The Crystal Visions Reading which combines the use of crystals, charms and cards to tap into her intuition to look at various aspects in your life. Her direct approach is very engaging and you will enjoy her humor, honesty and sensitivity given to each reading. Her readings are in-depth and offer guidance, enlightenment and personal growth.

    $40 for 30 min, $80 for 1 hour Cash/Venmo
    You can find her at Hidden Gem on the 4th Saturday of the month.
    To schedule an appointment contact Irene: Text: 203-343-1601


    Joanne is a psychic clairvoyant and clairaudient as well as a Master Tarot Reader of 27 years. She can interpret the archetypal images as seen within the Tarot cards to help you gain perspective and focus.

    Joanne utilizes many spiritual elements to aid her in message retrieval: shamanism, mediumship, numerology, astrology, and symbology to name a few.

    Readings are $40 for 15min.

    (203) 896-0577 


    Judith Maria is a seasoned Tarot reader who has honed her intuitive abilities over two decades to offer her querents profound insights, empowerment, and illumination. Judith's journey into the world of Tarot began as a parallel voyage alongside her pursuit of knowledge in education and literature. With a Master of Science in Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Literature, Judith is uniquely equipped to blend her academic acumen with her intuitive prowess. Her mastery of myth, symbolism, and metaphor infuses her Tarot readings with a depth that illuminates the cards.

    Judith weaves her words with the grace of a storyteller, crafting tapestries of meaning that resonate with seekers on a soul level. Her ability to seamlessly blend her roles as a poet, mother, educator, and activist has cultivated a sensitivity and understanding that forms the foundation of her practice. By tapping into the archetypal energies of the Tarot, she helps querents navigate their questions and concerns, offering guidance that is both insightful and practical. Her readings inspire seekers to embrace their own narratives and proceed with intention and insight.

    Readings are 1.00/minute
    To reach Judith directly email
    or text 203-671-0895
    Cash or Venmo preferred

  • Julie


    A FLORACLE reading isn't a "tell me what the cards say about my future" type of reading. They give a little insight, and point in a direction, to open up a conversation around what is happening in your life. They give guidance on what types of tools, techniques or exercises/ceremonies to do to help shift the situation at hand. They guide me to choose the appropriate flower essences for your specific situation, to help support you in your process.

    I create a custom flower essence synergy based on what comes up in your card reading & the multidimensional situation at hand.  Each essence serves a different purpose - whether it is to integrate the information from the reading, to help get you unstuck, open up your creativity, clear past trauma, align you with your highest destiny- the possibilities are vast and only limited to what your soul is ready to shift and the level to which you are ready to expand.

    30 min reading w/ custom flower essence is $65 203-514-8787

    Read Julie's full Bio 

    Kathy is an experienced Intuitive Oracle Card Reader & Reiki Master also versed in Crystal Energy Healing & Sound Healing. She has studied with Colette Baron Reid (Oracle Cards) and William Lee Rand (Karuna Reiki) to hone her crafts as well as many other mentors and is currently taking courses with Kyle Gray to connect with the Angels. She loves working with individuals through the different modalities she offers to bring them into alignment with their soul purpose. Her messages are prescriptive vs. predictive to help clients navigate and work with their own energy and the energy they are experiencing in their livesKathy is also an artist and poet. She crafts works of art out of books through the technique of book folding. Her artwork can be found on sale in Hidden Gem as well as other stores in CT.

    She shares her love of crafts by conducting Mindful Craft Classes at Hidden Gem where participants experience thought provoking meditations followed by creating a beautiful piece of art to emulate their meditation all while basking in the healing sound of singing bowls. She has been writing poetry since the fourth grade and enjoys integrating some poetry into her craft classes occasionally.

    Readings are $1.11 per min.
    To reach Kathy directly: Text: 475~222~6503 or
    Cash, Venmo, Credit Card and Checks accepted for payment.


    I am a practicing runes reader/healer. I have been involved in some sort of spiritual practices my entire life with my mother, aunts, cousins and grandmothers all readers & healers. Currently have been reading runes for the past 5yrs, but becoming more involved in my learning raidho (journey) in the past 6 months. Helping people realize the signs in-front of them they might be missing, or helping someone hear the universe calling out to them is a passion for me. This is the reason why I chose runes after a long in-depth process of choosing how to share my gift of insights. I look forward to providing readings at the Hidden Gem on Main and meeting you soon!

    15 mins - 3 stone with optional question -$25
    30 mins - 5 stone with 2 optional questions -$45
    45 mins - 7 stone with 3 optional questions -$60
    60 mins - 3&5 stone with 3 optional questions -$75

    Walk ins welcome - to schedule, contact:


    Greetings! My name is Samaia Eldraath.   I am an Enchantress, Sorceress, Psychic Intuitive, Universal White Time Healer, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister by ULC. 

    My readings/consultations tap into the quantum field and are about sharing important information you
    need to know about your situation. It can sometimes come from your spirit guides, your higher self, your ancestors, etc. 

    Please check Practitioner Bios for additional services

    Psychic Intuitive Readings
    15 minutes = $30 45 minutes = $90
    30 minutes = $60 60 minutes = $120
    **Preferably cash. I also accept Cashapp, Zelle, Paypal, or Square

    For appointments: 
    Text:  860-796-5810


    Angela “Ela” Tropea, is adept in the art of reading Lenormand cards.

    Her readings are honest and reliable and will offer an intuitive message on your situation while providing in depth guidance and possible solutions to your inquiry.

    Ela's journey into the spiritual realm began at a young age, and she has since become proficient in various intuitive practices.

    As a master level reiki practitioner and spiritual healer, Ela guides others on their healing journeys with compassion and grace whether it is scanning your aura, aligning your chakras, resolving traumatic past events, or conducting Lenormand cardomancy readings. 

    Ela's dedication to her craft and her commitment to helping others shine brightly make her a true gem in the world of spiritual healing. With her guidance and support, countless individuals have found peace, clarity, and transformation on their own spiritual journeys. 

    Ela's intuitive gifts never fail to inspire and uplift those she encounters. 

    Phone:  718.775.5197 or email:

    Cash, Pay Pal, Venmo or Cash App

    Venmo: @thejeweledheart 

    Zelle: Angela Tropea 7187755197 

    PayPal: thejeweledheart 

    CashApp: $elagrace7

  • Column


    Meet Jeanette, a holistic medium and channel. With a lifelong link to the spirit world, she has discovered a great passion for serving others through her gift. To Jeanette, spirit is a powerful energy that courses through all living things, constantly transforming but never gone. She adeptly taps into this intelligence and bridges the world we perceive with our senses and the one beyond it.

    by appointment

    *Starting June 30th Jeanette will be reading Sunday's from 11:30-4:30


    Text or Call: (860) 328-6666

    Social: @yourangelsarecalling