Cheryl Ann

I am the curator of Spoiled LLC. I have a background in Clinical aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Massage My love is all things plant magic while supporting ecologically responsible producers only.


Tucker Bartone

“I cannot teach you, only help you to explore yourself, nothing more” -Bruce Lee  One who has both allowed himself to continuously experience the peace of mind that is ever-present and always accessible the moment we decide to accept it, and enjoys nothing more than to share that experience with others.  

My life is one of the many that has been saved from a dangerously unhealthy place by the practice of enhancing presence, and reclaiming awareness, which ultimately decides how much pain and fulfillment we experience.  Now being relieved of attachment to a lesser life, I have been given the tools to build one of abundant energy, joy, and connection. 

My highest purpose is to help others add to their tool belt, then to share together in using them to craft a sustainably fulfilling way of being.  The health and happiness of those I cross paths with is my number one priority, simply because it fulfills me to have the opportunity to serve you.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy this journey we’re on.

Tucker is a trained Transcendental Meditation (TM) practitioner for 5+ years. He has 800+ hours of experience between TM, mindfulness meditation and a variety and other styles.

“I cannot teach you, only help you to explore yourself, nothing more” -Bruce Lee 

Christina Casavina

 Christina received her 200hr certification in 2006 and has been teaching ever since.  Always a student herself, she has trained in Vinyasa with Seane Corn, Restorative with Judith Hanson Lasater, Yin Yoga with Josh Summers, Full of Joy with Lani Rosen-Gallagher and Y12SR with Nikki Meyers. As well as, numerous intensives and workshops with both Ana Forrest and Rolf Gates, whom she greatly respects and admires. 

Her classes are Iyengar/Hatha based, focused on alignment and the breath, with a splash of all of the above aforementioned.

Introduced to her by her first yoga teacher, the importance of the yoga breath, Ujjayi has become the foundation for her personal as well as teaching practice.


Zorayda Cocchi

Zorayda YogaOccupational Therapist, Registered Yoga instructor, Certified YogaKids Teacher & Pranassage Practitioner.

Read more about Zorayda & her Mindful Yoga class 


Kellie Codianna 

HelloJ My name is Kellie Codianna and I teach Yoga, Pilates, and Ayurveda. Kim Valeri, of YogaSpirit Studios, has been my mentor and teacher since 2004. Ultimately, Yoga facilitated my process of believing in myself.

After steady run of traumatic events since birth, I was amazed, as well as many others, at the transformation that occurred from my dedicated Yoga practice and training. After 4 years of teaching, in 2008, I fell ice-skating. My pelvis became misaligned and I was faced with consistent uncomfortable back pain. Being stubborn, I kept practicing Power and Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga. It made me feel strong in mind and body. However, doing a fast paced practice with an already injured pelvis brought me to feel numbness and tingles to my entire pelvis and legs. I was scared and stopped practicing Vinyasa and switched to Restorative and until I found Pilates. Determined to become pain-free, I deepened my understanding of the anatomical body and received a 200-hour PiIates Certification in 2011. For a few years I ran from studio to studio teaching Yoga and Pilates. Ultimately, Yoga is Who I REALLY AM and I returned to my Yoga Studies and recently received my Yoga Therapy Certification in 2017.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning more about Yoga Therapy. Your first class or private at the studio is free. Please email Kellie@divinelyrooted.org to set a time to come in.

Kellie is co-owner of Main Street Wellness located 33 North Main Street, the same building as Hidden Gem On Main. 

Main Street Wellness Studio: Website: www.Vagaro.com/MSWS  

Jody Domizio

Jody is certified by Doreen Virtue and Laurie Cabot ( the official witch of Salem.) She has been reading Tarot for 5 years, is an ordained Marriage Minister and a fairyologist. (Study of fairies.) She practices Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chakra cleansing.

Janet Fall

Janet Fall is a Licensed Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Board Certified Music Therapist, Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Voice Bio Sound Practitioner, and Vibrational Sound Healer. Janet is available at easypeace432@gmail.com. She is available for Zen shiatsu massage sessions & Reiki energy healing and Sound Healing sessions using quartz crystal singing bowls and the voice. Janet believes that every voice deserves to be heard and has inherent beauty that all can hear if one just listens from the heart 


Joy Gaffney

   Joy has been practicing the way of the Shaman for over 18 years and is a Shamanic Healer/Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and Spiritual Counselor. She teaches both Shamanic Reiki and Usui Reiki, all levels. Her gift as a Shamanic Healer, Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Counselor give her the ability to tap into your Divine Guidance and the healing energy of Source. Joy's true strengths are shown through her Dedication and Passion with teaching others how to reach their goals toward Inner Peace, Self Acceptance and Self Love, while giving them a greater understanding of their Divine Self.

     Joy will be offering Psychic/Medium readings and Spiritual Counseling and/or Shamanic Healings at the Hidden Gem on Main. Look for various workshops here at Hidden Gem on Love and Spirituality.  She looks forward to working with you. To sign up for her readings, workshops or healing's please email Joy at: justjoyousone@yahoo.com or text (860) 917-082.

Visit her website: www.justjoyousone.com   Joy accepts: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and Venmo as payments.



Lynne Grobsky

Lynn GrobskyLynne was an elementary school teacher for 16 years. As the mother of an autistic son, she specialized in teaching children with special needs in both the classroom and in the gym as a physical education teacher. She left teaching to become an entrepreneur, offering energy and sound healing and intuitive counseling.Lynne has been a certified energy and sound healer for over 14 years. She is also a certified Akashic Records teacher and consultant and has been doing readings and classes for six years.

Lynne is presently Assistant Editor of Wallingford Magazine, and a lay minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, Connecticut, where she also started and leads a Women’s Sacred Singing Circle. Her passion is to provide people with tools that will aid in their transformation.


Erik Harris

Erik, founder of Chi for Healing, is a holistic healing practitioner who holds professional certifications as a Qi Gong Instructor, Chinese Herbalist, Asian Body Therapist, Medicinal Aromatherapist, Auriculo-therapist, Reiki therapist, and Tong Ren Therapist.

Chi for Healing is a holistic healing service provider that offers these modalities as well as cupping therapy, guasha, moxibustion, crystal therapy, meditation, EFT, and sound healing. Erik uses an integrative approach drawing upon his experience in practice for 10 + years. He has helped many people heal from a wide variety of conditions. Catering to the individual he will recommend herbs, teas, dietary changes, exercises, and detoxing techniques to get to the root cause of dis-ease. Erik has used all of the practices that he works with to heal himself from spinal injuries, lyme disease, and digestive issues. This is why he is so passionate about helping others to heal. It is now his life’s purpose to share the tools that he used to heal himself with the world. Erik was fortunate to apprentice with Dr. Ming Wu for 5+ years to learn the many facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He also graduated from the Connecticut Institute of Herbal Studies program in Chinese Herbology.

Erik holds a B.S. in Psychology from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. He applies what he learned about the mind and body connection to his practice. Chi for Healing offers two convenient locations in both West Hartford and Middletown, CT. Chi for Healing now offers Chinese herbal, Tong Ren therapy, and Holistic Healing consultations for remote clients as well. In addition to his services at Chi for Healing, Erik also forages for wild plants and mushrooms and makes herbal tinctures from this wild medicine. Erik is a member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners, and is a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

You can also hear Erik on his new podcast Healing Is In Your Hands-Empower yourself through holistic healing with cohost Kim Fleck. anchor.fm/healing-is-in-your-hands

For more information contact erik@chiforhealing.com 860-593-8397 https://chiforhealing.com

Promotional video can be found at https://vimeo.com/288073353



Lauri Ingram   

Lauri Ingram is a seeker of truth, motivated by her curiosity and desire to lead others on their own journeys of self-discovery. She understands that we all long to lead a fulfilled life, and that it is in the journey that we find fulfillment as we discover our personal truths.

As a trained mindfulness advocate in the workplace, Lauri discovered the vast benefits mindfulness has on easing anxiety by changing our relationship to emotions and thoughts.  This discovery led her to become trained in other avenues of alternative and complementary healing, so that she could move beyond her corporate IT experience, to  offer more sophisticated healing to others looking to explore who they are in a more spiritual sense.

Lauri received her BA from Albertus Magnus College and her MBA from the University of New Haven.  She is certified as an Etheric Crystal Light Practitioner, Color Therapist, Usui Reiki Levels I and II, and as a Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, an advanced shamanic modality that uses past life regression to provide a profound opportunity to heal wounds and traumas, explore lives and lessons, ultimately connecting clients to their highest selves and to those beings that guide us.  She is currently attending the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and will be ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister in June 2019.

Lauri is co-founder of Etheric Elements, a provider of items for empowered living, and is a member of New Beginnings in Community, an Interfaith community located in Milford, CT, where she leads workshops and services.


Anita Jones 

I found Reiki through some serious physical and emotional trials. It was life-changing, starting me on a spiritual path in the later part of my life. All good comes to those who wait, and are finally ready. My practice expanded to establishing a business, Tranquil Healing Reiki LLC. I began to use crystals as I worked with higher levels of Reiki, and now incorporate the use of sound.I have been a teacher all my life. First, I taught math. Then, it was young children. Now, it is Holy Fire Reiki and walking the spiritual path. It was a natural progression in finding who I am and what I am here for. All the answers have not been discovered. That is what life is about. I have gone from being in the world completely, to being in the world, and working to stay above it. All my spiritual practices have helped me find meaning in one way or another, and for this I am truly grateful.

Sound healing has become a very important part of my practice with, and without, Reiki. I present meditations and sound healings in Hamden, Branford, and now, Wallingford. Sound soothes and settles our emotions, as well as works at deeper levels of our being. It penetrates to our cellular level, our core, to help release lower energies that have been trapped in this lifetime, as well as others. It brings healing to our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual bodies.

I have worked with the angels and ascended masters in my Reiki practice for many years. They bring their healing energies to Reiki sessions, as well as guidance in the form of intuitive thought. I became an angel card reader five years ago because the cards offered another avenue for helping others. The angels and ascended masters are gentle, but also direct in their guidance.

I am certified as an Usui and Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center for Reiki Training. Presently, I practice Reiki with crystals and Tibetan bowls. I am a master vibrational sound healer, using Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, as well as other instruments. My study of Tibetan bowls was with Marie Menut. I have studied mindfulness with the Menla Holistic Health program and am becoming a mindfulIness coach. I am also an angel card reader, certified by Doreen Virtue.      

Anita will be offering Sound Healing & Meditation every 2nd & 4th Tuesday from 7:00pm -8:00pm, and Angel Card Readings every 2nd & 4th Saturday from 12:30-4:30pm                                                                                                                          


Sarah Kostandin

Yoga has been by my side through some of life's most challenging moments.  From adolescence through my late 20s, I struggled with anxiety and depression and yoga saved my mental and physical well being. After teaching high school English for 7 years, I realized how powerful this ancient practice was in my daily life and how it could similarly benefit any age group suffering as I had. And so...
I decided to combine my love of being an educator and practicing yoga. I trained in San Diego, CA with Shawna Schenk, founder of the San Diego Yoga festival, to receive my RYT 200 certification in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. I teach group classes in my hometown of Wallingford and run an afterschool yoga club at Guilford High School for students. 
My classes focus on the alignment of breath with movement, as well as the introspection of the practice - through meditation and body awareness in each physical posture. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to teach yoga to others seeking healing, health, or just a few good AUM's.

Mark Iwanicki 

Mark has been studying and practicing the hermetic arts of Tarot, Numerology, Kabala & Astrology for close to 10 years. He feels that the noise, hustle & bustle of modern life can drown out the quiet knowing within our hearts; and the archetypal images of the tarot can help bring the still small voice of our core self to consciousness.
In a collaborative manner, you will analyze the correspondences inherent within the hermetic arts. These analyses can help to connect us to your inner knowing.
He is adept at 4 & 8 card "compass" readings, relationship readings, past, present & future readings, one card/single question readings and astrological readings.

Mark also teaches every other Saturday: Taraoga™, a yin blend of ashtanga, hatha, Forrest, and kundalini then ends with each student receiving 1 Tarot Card Pull and Interpretation to start your day!!  Call us to for information on Marks Saturday schedule.


 Katie Kozlowski

Katie Kozlowski is a master energy coach and spiritual trainer who helps women reconnect with themselves to embody strength, wisdom and success through a fusion of tools that target the mind, body and spirit all at once. She has spent the last 8 years studying with master teachers, honing her craft and has helped over 250 women heal and recover from chronic illness, addictions, abuse and trauma by mixing her own life experience with cutting-edge consciousness, neuroplasticity, relatable lessons, and simple steps. Visit www.katiekozlowski.com to learn more. 


Celeste Longacre 

Celeste Longacre has been an astrologer for over forty years. Initially going into the study because of her given name, “Celeste,” she is the astrologer for “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” and has written two astrology books, “Love Signs” and “Visitor’s Guide to Planet Earth: an Astrological Primer.” In 1985, 86 & 87, she wrote a series of articles on the presidential candidates for “Welcome to Planet Earth Magazine.” As a resident of New Hampshire, she was able to meet almost all of them. This resulted in a segment for NBC’s Today Show which was shown, in its entirety, the following New Year’s Day as one of the best of the year “because of its accuracy.” A favorite quote is from JP Morgan, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”


Nicholas Harrison MacDonald 

Since 2011 Nick MacDonald has been a studying and practicing Western Astrologer. He currently writes the weekly forecast and teaches classes online at The Sisters Enchanted.

Nick has taught Astrology classes to hundreds of people and can usually be found studying the art of Astrology, playing music, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Through studying under an Astrologer, who practiced both Vedic and Western Astrology, he carries a unique perspective of how to read a chart. By using his knowledge as a guide, he can allow his intuition and empathy to help him guide others through the stars.


Julianna Muthu

Awed by forces felt yet unseen, Julianna has been a lifelong learner in the mysterious realms, harnessing them for healing, guidance, wisdom, and liberation.  Working with proven tools of deep transformation readily available within to lift ourselves and others up, Julianna gently guides clients in their innate capacity for caring and healing

Julianna is an ordained interfaith practitioner with clients experiencing loss, transitions, and spiritual awakenings. Her passion for shamanic practices is rooted in a desire to liberate and empower all souls seeking a deeper connection with themselves, their inner guidance and their helping spirits.

Julianna has studied and practiced healing modalities for over 25 years. Incorporating  her spiritual and mystical backgrounds with contemplative care modalities, she gently guides clients thru sessions  informed by her

  • Initiations into 13 Faces of the Sacred Feminine she is an ordained priestess in the  Sanctuary of the Open Heart.

  • As an initiated  Scent Priestess of the Emerald Temple,  she offers holy anointings for those seeking healing support in life transitions, shedding the old, welcoming the new.

  • Certifications in Advanced Shamanic Studies and Depth Hypnosis which incorporates advanced shamanic practices with  Buddhist psychology, transpersonal psychology, and energy healing modalities, as well as Usui Reiki Levels I & II.

  • Life Activations, Akashic Record Readings  and illuminating, harmonizing crystal healing modalities.

  • M.A , Naropa, Creation Spirituality

She has a private practice in New Haven, CT serving clients nationally



Greg Nigro

Hello! My name is Greg Nigro. I have always thought of myself as someone who is completely intrigued with athletics, whether it be competing, watching or learning, I was always hooked. It wasn’t until a couple years ago I was introduced to yoga by a close friend and gave it a try. Instantly after a couple days I knew I loved it. It no longer was a hobby. It was ritual. Yoga not only tested my physical abilities which I always craved, but it challenged my mind and soul as well. Not too long after I began doing yoga I realized that teaching it was something I was interested in as well. I completed my 200 Hour Certification with 108Monkeys with amazing instructors and was certified in Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa Yoga. Every time I step on the mat, I feel as if I learn something new about myself and my body. I’m blessed to be able to share my love of yoga with anyone who’s interested and help them gain all that I have from it!    

To Register for any of my classes or for more information, visit: https://fwwyoga.com and follow me on Instagram @flowwithwaters

Class Description: Come join Greg for an energizing vinyasa class! This class is open to all levels of yogis, with variations that will fit anyone. Be prepared to move, balance, focus and anchor yourself with breath. Much needed fine tuning of the body will be found as well!




John Olin, CO

John Olin is a certified Orthotist with ABC, a graduate of the University of Connecticut and the Newington Certificate Program in Orthotics.

John has extensive experience in using dynamic bracing systems for managing soft tissue contractures in both upper and lower extremities. He also specializes in managing the lower extremities in the pediatric population.

John has been a practicing ABC Certified Orthotist in CT since 1997 and owner of Great Strides LLC since 2013.


  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Orthopedic Shoes
  • Fractures/Sports Bracing
  • Custom and Prefabricated Orthoses for upper and lower extremites
  • Dynamic bracing for contracture management
  • Diabetic Shoes
  • Spinal bracing (both back and neck) including scoliosis
  • Neuromuscular/orthopedic dysfunction bracing
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) i.e. Walkaide & Bioness
  • Custom Pediatric Orthotic Systems

Forest Perrupato 

Upon being struck by lightning 3 times, Forest Perrupato answered his call from the healing path. Having been trained by a multitude of world renowned teachers, Forest teaches discipline and ethics in his practice. Currently, he is a ceremonial leader, spiritual teacher, and offers private sessions of his healing practice in Glastonbury, CT.    


Tami Reagor

Welcome!  I am a spiritual explorer remembering and exploring my past lives to bring forth the forgotten ancient knowledge of my past and helping others to do the same.  I have lived many past lives in ancient lands – most of my memories seem to come from Egypt.  But I also have connection to Atlantis, Lemuria, Celtic lands, Age of Jesus and others. In Egypt I was an Isis High Priestess and I worked with many of the Ancient Egyptian guides – Thoth, Sekhmet, Goddess Isis and Ma’at in my own practice and in sessions.

Before discovering all of this, I started out playing with Eden Energy Medicine with a friend about 5 years ago and then I stumbled upon ThetaHealing (I believe it found me vs me finding it).  I quickly became a practitioner and instructor within 6 months of me falling in love with it. 

ThetaHealing® has changed my life in so many lives.  I do not recognize who I was almost five years ago - that person no longer exists.  Instead I am bolder, more confident, more connected to the Creator, and I have been able to grow into my soul's mission by doing things I never thought I would. I teach in groups with ease, I wrote a book - Unleash Your Inner Tiger: Strength, Beauty & Power, I have been on stage with 100 people listening, I had my own radio show, and have been guests on other people's podcasts, and have written for magazines.  None of these were ever on my vision board, but because of ThetaHealing®, and other modalities that I have learned, the Universe delivered these opportunities to me and I took them with glee.

Another thing I have been blessed with through ThetaHealing® and my own studies, is remembering how to do my own healing modality which I practiced in distant past lives which I call “Higher Self Illumination Healing”.  This focuses on the wounds and limiting beliefs that prevent you from more fully integrating your higher self’s gifts and knowledge into your daily life.  These could be things that prevent you from using or acknowledging your spiritual gifts, being able to manifest your dreams, remembering how to use an ancient technology among other things.

We all have a soul mission – some big and some small and we all have the knowledge to bring them forth within our DNA.  But a lot of this knowledge is clouded by past / future life traumas that prevent us from remembering or activating them.  This is where I come in – I help you – guide and mentor you into remembering your own truths.  I do nothing outside of you – no bodywork – all the focus is on what lies within you waiting to be discovered.

With Love,


Allison Rhoades  

I can trace my love of tarot back to my teenage years. A good friend’s mother offered to give a few of us girls readings one evening as we hung out at their farmhouse in Northern Vermont. The reading I received was accurate regarding my current situation and included some future predictions as well. As the next few years progressed, I saw those predictions manifest and I was hooked. I needed to learn more about tarot!


My adult life has been spent pouring over books and taking classes. Tarot classes were in short supply, but I managed to find one-on-one mentoring with local readers. I travelled to Salem, Massachusetts to learn directly for one of the great authorities of Tarot and psychic reading, Laurie Cabot. I have also studied mediumship with James Van Praagh and have spent countless hours practicing psychic development and mediumship in development circles.


Currently, I run my own development circles and teach Tarot according to the method I learned in Salem. I will be available for Tarot readings at Hidden Gem on Tuesdays from 5pm-8pm and for special events.

Jean Salch

Jean Salch is what many people would call a medicine woman, a Shaman; a human being who has found her occupation in the nature of healing and into the service of others.
Jean has two decades of extensive knowledge in treating people with methods that may  seem ancient or completely new to you. In order to appreciate the work Jean does, we must open up our minds and accept that the nature and workings of this universe is not something we yet fully understand.
Jean is a human being whose quest and mission in life is to facilitate the upliftment of people coming into and out of their personal healing. She is a Quantum Crystalline Healer and Channel of the divine realm, and not until you come face-to-face and in presence with Jean will her ability to make your life more joyous and transient become apparent to you.
As a young child Jean could see and communicate with spirits and sense illness in others.
She is a medical intuitive and a spiritual counselor, who has a long list of experience in the field of anthropological medicine:
Jean has been practicing and teaching Reiki and Karuna Reiki since 1998. After seven trips to Peru, Jean has been initiated in ancient Incan ceremonies with the Peruvian Shaman Jaun Nunez De Prado, and is a graduate of an apprentice program of Brazil and Peruvian Shamanism hosted by Dream Coalition. Jean has also studied and received initiations by Shaman Fredy Quispe Singona at many sacred sites in Peru.
Jean is also very grateful in being a volunteer for the Distant Healing Network, which started in the year of 1998 and would only further her experience in the field of holistic and divine healing. "To be part of the Distant Healing Network", she says, "has strengthened my deep and heart-felt love for humanity." Jean continues, saying: "Being a Volunteer for the Distant Healing Network since 1998 has been very rewarding I many ways. In 2007 the Blessed Mother Mary came to asking me to work with Her and Jesus."
As Jean's work continued, other divine masters began to channel through, such as: Buddha, Quan Yin, Moses, John the Baptist, The Holy Spirit, Chief Red Cloud, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Sitting Bull and White Buffalo. Jean's path as a healer is currently centralized around working with God's healing breath and channeling the power of the The Holy Spirit.
With The Holy Spirit, Jean makes Holy water for cleansing and  blessings. Sacred Healing water for people to drink. This sacred water has the same healing properties as the Saint Bridget Well in Ireland and the Lourdes' France healing waters. (see testimonials).
As a servant for God and humanity, Jean offers miracle healing, channeled readings, house/land cleansing and blessings. As a minister, Jean also performs weddings, funerals a baptisms.

Keri Uihlein

Keri is a medium who has not always openly used her gifts.  As it begins with many, as a child Keri experienced and openly connected to the Spirit of our Divine Creator.  As life and the expectations of the world grew and circled around her, Keri quieted the need to connect to the Divine.  As so many Lightworkers do, she fell into the patterns of life created by “the world”.  Unable to deny her divine inheritance, Keri reignited the flame of the Lightworker’s way of living.

Accessing her gifts given by the Divine & Universal Creator, Keri has become a healer.  She works directly with Spirit, the Angels and Ascended Masters.  Keri sees, hears and feels with the divine guidance of the Angels.  Her goal is to help open the human heart to healing.
Healings come in many ways, and for Keri it is through contact with Spirit, the Angels and through her energy work as a Reiki Master.  It is Keri’s belief that when the heart and in soul (higher self) are ready, healing begins.
Keri offers Mediumship, Angel Intuitive Guidance, Reiki/Sound/Crystal Healing Sessions, various workshops including meditation,  and Lightworker Mentorship.

Open hearts and healing will bring you to a divinely inspired path of healing, light and the ultimate gift, Love.

Keri has taken many classes and workshops to study and enhance her abilities.  She has studied under some internationally known psychic mediums and angel intutitives, including:  James Van Praagh, John Edward, John Holland, Doreen Virtue (prior to her conversion), Radleigh Valentine, Charles Virtue, Elsa Stokes, Colette Baron-Reid, Athena Perrakis.  To date, she has earned the following:   Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Angel Channeler, Certified Angel Medium and Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

She has also taken additional workshops and classes on Sound Healing, Shamanic Journeys, Past Life, Developing Intuition, Meditation, Holistic Healing  and Ascension.  Her goal is to obtain her doctorate in Metaphysical Studies.


Melanie Ulizo Tarr

Melanie Tarr is a certified Angel Intuitive and Reiki Master. Spirituality is a part of her everyday life.  Led by her gifts since birth, she has a passion for learning about everything from animal medicine to the zodiac.  With a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Albertus Magnus College, she believes that cultivating peace within ourselves is the first step to healing our world.  Offering profound insights about moving forward with divine supportsessions with Melanie typically feature messages from the Archangels and focus on self-love and removing blocks to abundance.  Reiki and readings are available by appointment. For more information about Melanie or to contact her directly please visit her website: www.dearspirit.net Melanie is available for readings on Fridays 1pm - 7pm or by appointment. Reiki available upon request. See Classes and Workshops page for more information.














Erin Sullivan










Erin SullivanErin Sullivan has been practicing yoga and Occupational Therapy for 20 years. She finds great enjoyment in assisting people through their yoga practice with a calm, relaxed, and fun approach. Erin believes anyone can tap the endless benefits of yoga including decreased stress, improved restful sleep, decreased pain, increased mobility, sharper focus, and improved comfort in your body. She is knowledgeable and experienced with beginners and seasoned practitioners alike and offers modifications and variations to almost all postures. Her training with world renowned teachers like Don Stapleton of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, advanced training in Positional Therapy from Lee Albert at Kripalu in Massachusetts and Erika Halford at Connecticut School of Yoga in Middletown combine to give you a multidimensional approach to yoga. Erin's professional knowledge of the body considers injury, pain and/or limitations and allows her students to feel welcome and able no matter what body type or yoga experience they have. Her classes allow for self exploration while instilling realignment, support and balance to the body.