Hallowed Grownd is an enchanted, sacred space nestled between Hidden Gem on Main & Divinely Rooted Yoga & Pilates. It is home to BiolumenEssence's Blending Bar & The Witches Wheel.

This is a space for wild exploration & earth-based education. Bridging the magical with the mundane, as it helps people foster a connection to what makes them feel human & whole.

Healing sessions, private consultations, classes & events happen in this space. 

This is holy, sacred grownd

…a space for community to gather, that supports our roots, our growth, and our expansion into the greatest expression of Who We Are… that reminds us of how intricately we are connected to the natural world around us. Every step deeper into our own healing we take, the earth heals a little more herself.

  • BiolumenEssence Aromatic Apothecary & Botanical Blending Bar


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  • The Witches Wheel
  • Kimberly Miller Art


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  • Holistic Wellness Practitioners


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  • Witches Wheel


    A custom party experience can be created for you & your friends or children. From readings to blending aromatherapy products, we can collaborate to create a unique experience for you.

  • Witches Wheel Monthly Meditation


    Last Sunday at 11am with Lauren Condron. $5 RSVP to

It is our hope that all who enter, find their own magic, healing, and growth through grounding & connecting with the elements of Nature.  



Julie Dokas

Julie Dokas is co-owner of Hidden Gem & is the founder and creator of BiolumenEssence, a company whose mission it is to connect people to the heart and soul of nature while deepening their awareness and experience of their own innate luminosity. She is the steward of Hallowed Grownd, a sacred space for wild exploration, nestled between/within Hidden Gem on Main & Divinely Rooted, where
 products are created & classes are held - to educate & inspire others to open their wild hearts to the wonder & magic of plant medicine & the healing power of Nature.

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Lauren Condron

Lauren is an Occupational Therapist, Practicing Witch, Healer and Intuitive Reader. She is a lifelong practicing witch, with specialties in spellwork, divination, trauma healing, mediumship, and energy work for over 15 years. She uses a wide variety of decks to fine tune the messages she receives. As a practicing witch and medium, she provides insightful readings based on not only what she sees but what she feels. Reading since she was a teenager, she brings years of experience with fun, a sense of humor, and authenticity.

With a master's degree in healthcare, she combines a keen knowledge of the human body with the soulwork of spirit, and has personally experienced the transformative power of combining both in magickal practices.

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Would you like to host an event at Hallowed Grownd?

This space is available to rent by the hour for holistic practitioners to see clients, or for classes & events. Please reach out to to inquire.