Julie Dokas is co-owner of Hidden Gem & is the founder and creator of BiolumenEssence, a company whose mission it is to connect people to the heart and soul of nature while deepening their awareness and experience of their own innate luminosity. She is the steward of Hallowed Grownd, a sacred space for wild exploration, nestled between/within Hidden Gem on Main & Divinely Rooted, where
 products are created & classes are held - to educate & inspire others to open their wild hearts to the wonder & magic of plant medicine & the healing power of Nature.

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She refers to herself as an Energetic & Botanical Alchemist, as her work is a synthesis of 26 years of immersion in various modalities of energy work, eastern & western herbalism, holistic nutrition, and clinical aromatherapy.  She is most passionate about her work with flower essences, as they bridge the gap between herbal & vibrational medicine, and are subtle yet powerful catalysts for transformation, growth & conscious evolution.

I have always had a deep & unrelenting connection to
Nature, it's medicine & magic and to Spirit/the Universe. Nature is my
church ~ I refer to the spirit of nature as the “Wild Benevolence”. My feet are
firmly planted on the ground, yet my connection & faith to the Unseen is

My work & education has, at its core, revolved around
nutrition, plant medicine, energy work and natural healing since 1997, when I
took my first Reiki class and began working in the Natural Products Industry. I
have played various roles over the past 26 years, from sales & marketing
for an aromatherapy product line & an herbal supplement company to being a
consultant for an organic tea line, a purchasing manager for a couple of health
food stores, and working with an importer of organic & wild harvested essential oils

Along the way, my path has wound its way through various
holistic modalities, trainings & certifications.


Anthroposophy & biodynamic gardening

Herbalism & Plant Research at
the National Center for the Preservation of Medicinal Herbs

Eastern & Western Nutrition & Holistic Health Counseling

Reiki I, II &  Mastership Training

Chinese Herbalism & 5 Element Theory

Esocen & Freedomworks Energy Healing, 

Studies in Energetics & the Light Body at The Light School

Magical & Medicinal Herbalism, Spiritual Ecology & Plant Spirit Medicine

Lightwave Energy Healing

Clinical/Therapeutic & Metaphysical Aromatherapy 

Energetics, Chakras & Self Mastery

13th Octave LaHoChi Energy Healing

Alchemical Herbalism

Contact Julie to book a session:

Call/Text 203.514.8787 or julie@biolumenessence.com