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ACTIVATOR Rhododendron Flower Essence

ACTIVATOR Rhododendron Flower Essence

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Activator/Rhododendron Flower Essence transmits ancient memory, as it embodies the energy of a Keeper of Wisdom, like “The Giver”. Activates Sister~Soul Sister~Light Family Recognition. Scarabs. Egyptian Lineage. Hieroglyphs. Toroidal pyramidal vortexes opening in previously shut down places. Stargate Activator. Honey Comb. Queen Bee. Infusions & Dispensations from Spirit are transmitted through this essence. Rhododendron assists in making these dispensations more assimilable & stable as they anchor into the 3D/5D transition/Body. Light~forms & waveforms pulse gratitude into oneself on a cellular level. Cosmic Fire Dancer.”

For when you are feeling:

  • That you want to explore your connection to ancient memories/lifetimes or planetary & cosmic history.

  • Ready to receive gifts bestowed upon you from Spirit.

Activator fosters:

  • Connection with your “spiritual/soul family” & people that you have sacred contracts with.

  • Exploration of our ancient lineage

  • Embodiment of Gratitude on a cellular level

  • Activation of those places within, that have been shut down or sealed off

  • Connection to all the knowledge that we came in with & all we need for this lifetime.

  • The awakening of the Cosmic Fire Dancer within

Ingredients:  Infusion of Rhododendron roseum anchored & preserved in spring water,  organic vegetable glycerin & brandy.

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