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5th Chakra AUTHENTICITY Flower & Gem Essence Synergy

5th Chakra AUTHENTICITY Flower & Gem Essence Synergy

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invites you to express yourself and speak your truth

The 5th chakra, also called the Throat Chakra is located in the throat. This is our center for self-expression, communication, our Center of Will, speaking our truth with integrity, & issues of Time. This is where we manifest our creative ideas. Speaking our truth requires clarity between your head and heart, if they are not congruent, addiction occurs. The color of the Throat Chakra is blue. Sound is “AY” like “play”. Internalized anger is often at the root of most throat centered issues.

Throat Chakra Flower & Gem Essence contains:

Flower Essences of:

BELL FLOWER (RESPONSIBILITY) Supports the asking of bigger questions. Hands your responsibility back to you, dissolving victim consciousness. Helps develop your RESPONSE mechanism to the energies at play in your life – learning to manage the energies of those around you. Helps you to move through life with a sense of empowerment.


Teaches you to follow your path if it isn’t a direct route- even if you have to go the back way-the destination is ultimately the same.  Deep trust in the wisdom of life. Embracing the art of slowing down. 


Boundlessly & Immensely Expressive. Forward momentum if one is seeking to be understood – fluid self-expression. Adaptive communication through listening. Expression through movement, art, language & dance. Sacred heart healing for scared & scarred pieces of ourselves. Healing collective wounding in the psyche. Bravery.

Gem Essences:

SODALITE – Enhances self-expression, brings truth in communication, speaking from the heart. Aligns thoughts & feelings.

KYANITE – bridges gaps in communication, aligns chakras & subtle bodies, assists in working through disagreements, self-expression, speaking one’s truth.

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