AWARENESS Lupine Flower Essence

AWARENESS Lupine Flower Essence

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“Lupine flower essence helps us to access heightened states of awareness. Pineal gland activator. Brain food. Galactic family. For difficulty in letting go/saying goodbye, and enhancing short term memory. Helps to trigger & train new neural pathways."

For when you are feeling:
  • Called to expand your awareness & amplify your spiritual practice but you aren’t sure where to begin.
  • That you could use some assistance with meditation & accessing your innate “magic powers” (those that foster enhanced intuition, visions, dreams, ESP, synchronicity, etc.)
  • That you’ve held on too tightly to beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Magnetized by the night sky with a desire to access & embody the mystery that lies within it.


Awareness fosters:
  • The ability to raise your state of being to view things from an elevated, more expansive perspective
  • Ease of letting go & moving on
  • Activation of your inner vision & higher knowing
  • A deeper relationship with and trust in your intuition & internal guidance system
  • Opening to new ideas, intentions & patterns



Infusion of Lupinus sparsiflorus anchored & preserved in spring water, organic vegetable glycerin & brandy.