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Craig LeFebvre

Channeled Messages for the Traveler by Craig Lefebvre

Channeled Messages for the Traveler by Craig Lefebvre

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Traveler you are something very special among other human beings. You traveled here across the many spectrums of reality living on different planets, realities, densities, within the physical and non-physical universes. And it is you who are now ready to once again remember why you came here.

Life is the irreversible dream and Traveler you are here to navigate through this illusion. It is now up to you to decide if you are awake, or in fact still asleep. We each live in our own unique version of reality where we have to decide what is real. Here the soul that gets to decide the journey and the human body is its vehicle of expression. 

So welcome to your awaking dear Traveler. This book has been channeled and transcribed just for you. In it you will find the information that is uniquely situated for your interpreted version of reality. It has been brought here, too, for your reawakening. This information is special because it helps you define who you are as a soul having a human experience. It is now time for you to open up and explore the greater reality. Let the journey begin.

In this book there will be messages from: Metatron, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Einstein, Nostradamus, John Lennon, the Pleiadians, St. Mary, Mother Teresa, Native Earth Elders and more messages about the Blue Star Prophecy.

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