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CONFIDENCE Hibiscus Storm Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • The need to trust the process of life and the new processes & patterns initiated by you.
  • Unsure of how to integrate the growth & new awareness that have awoken within you.
  • That you want to fly freely; unencumbered by thoughts of false safety.
Confidence fosters:
  • A “Seize the day!” attitude that helps one to take the next step into the unknown and take a Leap of Faith.
  • Eloquence in communication
  • Movement through places of stagnation within oneself


Hibiscus Storm’s BiolumenEssence:
“Hibiscus Storm Flower Essence cultivates Confidence. It helps you navigate through the Fear of the unknown, fear of your own power and is 3rd eye activating. It gently helps to integrate psychic/intuitive wisdom in gentle, fun, non-confrontational ways. Helps to weave beautiful language as it pours from your lips. Comforting & Activating as it helps you move through stuck places.”