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BiolumenEssence YOU GOT THIS Aromatherapy Blends

BiolumenEssence YOU GOT THIS Aromatherapy Blends

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When you are taking on a daunting task, you need a little strength, confidence, fire and courage.. sprinkled with a bit of surrender & go with the flow energy...this blend captures all of it, and reminds you that You Got This! 

YOU GOT THIS was borne at a time when I was taking on more than I thought I could handle…when I needed a boost in confidence, support from my guides, a dose of surrender, meanwhile holding space for the big stuff to come, and a need to push all the other stuff/mind chatter/BS out of the way…⁣

Big exam coming up? Teaching your first class? Going for a job interview? Opening a new business?  Doing your taxes? High School Reunion coming up and you don’t really want to go? Navigating Heartbreak? About to have a tough conversation? Traveling alone for the first time? Moving across the country?  Doing a lot of personal processing work that you think you’ll never reach the bottom of? You got this!⁣

Allow the power of flowers to support you in the big shifts & growth you are stepping into. ⁣

2oz & 4oz spray contains:

Organic Essential Oils of: Atlas Cedarwood*, Ginger,* Laurel Leaf*, Palmarosa*, Maritime Pine** & Schizandra CO2 with Hibiscus Storm (Confidence), Hollyhock (Cosmic Support), California poppy (Surrender), Rhododendron (Activator) & Vinca (Expansion) Flower Essences in activated spring water & pink Himalayan Salt.

10ml Roll On ingredients are the same, except it is in a base of Organic jojoba instead of spring water & Himalayan Salt

The essential oils in this blend bring strength, movement, fire, courage, flow & adaptability


Confidence (Hibiscus Storm) Flower Essence:

Assists withe the fear of the unknown & fear of your own power. Helps to integrate intuitive wisdom. Activating energy that helps one to move through stuck places. Confident yet comforting.

Cosmic Support (Hollyhock) Flower Essence:

Eases overwhelm. Calls in your support team/establishes connection & communication with Benevolent Beings beyond the visible 3D realm (Guides, Angels, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Guardians, Star Beings, etc)

Surrender (California Poppy) Flower Essence:

Helps us to read the sign-language that the universe is presenting. Awakens & aligns you with your soul purpose. Assists with surrendering to the bigger picture & having an elevated perspective on a situation. Helps to develop a poetic interface with the world. Helps to integrate challenges so you can effortlessly move forward & taking back one’s power.

Rhododendron (Activator) Flower Essence:

Opens energy in previously shut down places within ourselves. Transmit ancient memory & soul level knowing. Assists with integrating higher energy on a cellular level. Connects us to all the knowledge we came in with, and all we will need in this lifetime. Amplifies and directs the other essences in the formula where to go.

Expansion (Vinca) Flower Essence:

Creates movement in the face of stagnation. Pushes boundaries, expectations & limitations. Expansive. Broad-sweeping, all encompassing support to pull off amazing and challenging feats. Supportive, Strong & Bold. 

*organic **wild harvested

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