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CREATIVITY Purple Calla Lily Flower Essence

CREATIVITY Purple Calla Lily Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • On the fence about something and just need a little “nudge”
  • The need to “set the energy” for a creation (whether it is art, music, a novel, etc) to come through you ~ this essences captures the expansive, inspired, up-flow energy while being centered enough to ground the ideas into Being.


Creativity fosters:
  • Balance of the higher chakras, specifically the 7th and 8th.
  • Deep trust when it comes to “trusting your own information” or trusting the perfection of the Universe.
  • Helps to foster rebirth and new beginnings.


Purple Calla Lily’s BiolumenEssence:
“Purple Calla Lily flower essence carries a High-swirling- vortexual Sedona Energy, it is expansive, expressive, ecstatic & joyful; yet serene & centered when it is appropriate. Purple Calla Lily offers lots of earth energy with some fire for balance. Creativity Ignited. Sojourn. High Angelic Energy. Trust in the Divine Flow to get you to where you need to be. Allowing the land to call you to your home. Surrender & Trust in the Universe. The courage to take a leap of faith. This gives you the nudge you need to make it happen.”


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