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DIVINE FEMININE Quintessential Matriarch Flower Essence

DIVINE FEMININE Quintessential Matriarch Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • Deep grief, Quintessential Matriarch offers you comfort, the way only a grandmother’s love can.
  • That you are running patterns & programs that no longer serve you – this essence helps you to “unlearn” these.
  • The need for unconditional love of self, acceptance of others, and non-judgment.
Divine Feminine fosters:
  • The embodiment of Matriarch Consciousness
  • The dissolution of the limitation set upon us by Patriarch Consciousness, family programming, religion and social programming.
  • Connection to the “crone energy”.
  • Helps balance all the chakras.
  • Listening ~ to the Whispers from Beyond the Veil


Quintessential Matriarch’s BiolumenEssence:
“Quintessential Matriarch Medley flower essence embodies Unconditional Love. Faith. Mother archetype. Embracing the Divine Feminine, letting go of the Patriarch energy. Assists with dissolving grief & moving through loss with a sense of serenity & peace.”


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