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Craig LeFebvre

Fallout a Novel

Fallout a Novel

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Fallout was inspired by true events. A story of aliens, ghosts, abductions, cryptids and lost time.

The truth is stranger than strange itself. In the summer of '84, young Carl Smith finally gets to meet his estranged grandfather, Smitty. The young boy has no idea what he is in for when he falls into the care of his maternal grandfather. Smitty, a retired mill worker, harbors dark secrets that he has been charged with holding onto since his time in the Navy. He doesn’t fully realize his part in these secrets until Carl gets abducted by Extra Terrestrials, the very same beings that have been taking Smitty throughout his life. Both Carl and Smitty must go down the paranormal rabbit hole together and figure out what the phenomenon wants them to do with the enigma they have been entrusted to keep.

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