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INTENTION Red Clover Flower Essence

INTENTION Red Clover Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • Not sure of which path to take, this essence will help tip the scales so you can move forward without hesitation
  • That you are energetically picking up on other people’s “stuff”
  • That your goals are beyond your reach
Intention fosters:
  • Trust in yourself and in the intuitive information that you receive.
  • Connects you with the force that drives you.
  • A sense of “carefreeness”, living in the moment, and not being affected by the “right thing to do”.


Red Clover’s BiolumenEssence:
“Red Clover flower essence has an affinity for Rhodochrosite – they work well together. Amplifies intentions. Softens the “rebounds” in life. Gentle Guide. For when instinct is just out of reach, something is in place to protect you from attack. Desire. Sisterhood. Playful. Assists with Contracts & solidifying deals (having more confidence in your decisions/choices). Gives you the drive to move forward & inward to achieve goals. Assists with distancing yourself from the Collective by helping to discern what is yours and what is not.”


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