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LOVE Rose Flower Essence

LOVE Rose Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • The Largeness of Who You Are, and need some support birthing that into Being
  • Overwhelmed by life, and the need to get back to the simple things
  • The desire to invite more feminine energy into your life, and soften your rough edges.
  • The need for comfort & understanding ~ from yourself or others
  • The desire to invite LOVE into your life


Love Fosters:
  • Connection to all that is benevolent & heart activating
  • Healing and balancing for the heart chakra.
  • The ability & desire to love oneself.
  • The neutralization of negativity.
  • Healthy, safe & supportive friendships and relationships.
  • Connection to our cosmic roots & place in the UniVerse


Rose’s BiolumenEssence:
“Rose flower essence carries the energy of the Rose Ray. Mother Mary. Divine Feminine Goddess. Service. Grace. Sisterhood. Bringing in the Law of One. Activating Consciousness & Awareness on the planet. Cosmic Ether. Pleiades. Love. Heart. Expansive Openness & Constant Unfolding. Reverence. Beauty. Simplicity. Intensity. Seriousness-Softness-Protection.”
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