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MANIFESTATION Hibiscus Flower Essence

MANIFESTATION Hibiscus Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • The need for some outside assistance, almost like your own personal cheerleader/PR advocate for your intentions & desires.
  • That you are dealing with lack or “less than” consciousness.
  • The need to release old thoughts, physical limitations and diseases.
  • Like you haven’t quite caught up with how far you have come & how much you have grown…when part of you is still lagging behind.


Manifestation fosters:
  • Allowance of synchronicity of the physical & spiritual realms.
  • Magnification and multiplication of your intentions.
  • Honoring of self and recognition of your soul’s inner beauty.
  • An adventurous spirit.
Hibiscus’s BiolumenEssence:
“Hibiscus flower essence captures energy. Look to Hibiscus when you are holding on when you “should” be letting go. Billboard like energy that broadcasts intentions far and wide. Amplifies Manifestation. Hibiscus assists with integrating new creation & upgrading your current energy so they are in sync & can dance together to create anew. Boundless. Explorative. Adventurous. Sensuous. Love-y.”


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