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MOLDAVITE Moon & Starlight Infused Equinox Essence

         This essence was made under the moon & stars during the spring equinox. Many people are starving for starlight – this Moldavite essence helps to ground & anchor starlight energy into one’s being.

Unlike other crystals that grow within the earth, there is a finite amount of Moldavite on the planet (it arrived via meteor crash in the Czech Republic some 14 million years ago, and currently there is no mining happening, which is why it is so expensive and hard to find). Essences are a powerful and sustainable alternative if you can’t get your hands on a piece of this  translucent green meteorite.

  • Helps you to tap into your intuition & call in higher wisdom
  • Aligns you with your purpose & what brings you joy
  • Reminds you of all the gifts that you have, beyond your mundane existence & experience
  • Deeply transformational
  • Connects us to All That Is
  • Activates & Opens the Heart
  • Carries & Unlocks Ancient Wisdom
  • Nourishes the Starlight Element within
  • Activating. Illuminating. Elevating. Expansive. Astral Travel.
  • Teaches us how to embody All That We Are & All That We Know
  • Connects you to your origins – Ancestors & Heritage beyond this lifetime
  • Calls you to be On Purpose in your life & supports you in creating the life you desire
  • Helps you get out of your own way & Acknowledge the Wonder of your own Being-ness
  • Reminds us of our own magic & the importance of integrating our Cosmic aspects with our Earthly experience

Moldavite Gem Essences Fosters:

  • Finding Magic in the Mundane
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Magical Synchronicities
  • Anchoring SynchroDestiny experiences
  • Seeing & Sensing beyond 3D
  • Connection to other star systems & galaxies
  • Explosive Expansion of Heart Space
  • Listening to the Call of your Heart & subtle nudges from spirit
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