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PLAYFULNESS Calendula Flower Essence

PLAYFULNESS Calendula Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • Fragile, vulnerable, overly serious, stuck or out of alignment with your core.
  • The need to get back to a regular spiritual practice
  • Like you could use some Levity & Fun in your life
  • That your wounded inner child needs some love & attention


Playfulness fosters:
  • Strength & Trust in one’s humanness
  • Centering & Empowerment
  • Playfulness as a high & holy, reverent spiritual practice
  • Healing through Play & Fun
  • Honoring of our childlike exploration & curiosity.


Calendula’s BiolumenEssence:
“Calendula Flower Essence is Playful & Carefree. Look to Calendula for healing inner wounding & feelings of soul-less-ness. Calendula is outrageous, yang & strong and teaches us how to find strength in vulnerability. Reverence. For when you’ve been negligent in your self practice, Calendula brings you back to center. 2nd & 3rd chakra activator. High & Holy. Dancing. Resilient.”


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