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RESPONSIBILITY Bell Flower Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • That your personal boundaries have sprung a leak
  • That it is time to start to own your decisions & choices and move through life with a sense of empowerment instead of victim consciousness
  • The need for support & assistance when beliefs and paradigms begin to shift
  • The need for clarity & honesty in oneself and relationships with All.
Responsibility fosters:
  • Being ready to hear the hard stuff – like a good friend who tells you the truth, Responsibility calls you into a higher alignment, by looking beyond all the warm & fuzzy/love & light stuff and into all the stuff one doesn’t want to look at within oneself.
  • The development of your RESPONSE mechanism to the energies at play in your life
  • Learning how to manage the effect these energies have on you (and those around you).
Bell Flower’s BiolumenEssence:
“Bell Flower flower essence imparts a hard core parental energy. Gives you back full responsibility and ownership of your stuff- to hold on to in a self contained container that doesn’t leak all over others. Bell Flower flower essence teaches us that self medicating is no longer an answer & neither is complicating your story with drama. Asking bigger questions & opening to all possibilities is the way through the process. This essence activates that questioning while not allowing you to seep into your victimhood and seek sympathy from others.”