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SOLITUDE Russian Sage Flower Essence

SOLITUDE Russian Sage Flower Essence

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For when you are feeling:
  • The need to take a break from the demanding & sometimes exhausting energies of life
  • The need for a kindred spirit to walk beside you to help distribute the weight of the load you are carrying
  • That sometimes there are no words to capture, heal or explain your experience


Solitude fosters:
  • Connection with your personal power and strength.
  • Activation of memories.
  • Feelings of comfort, protection and safety while on a new journey.
  • Connection with your community~tribe~soul family


Russian Sage’s BiolumenEssence
“Russian Sage flower essence teaches us about Solitude. Solitary instrumentalism. Pierces the veil for lonely hearts. Musical integration, lyrical understanding – poetic rhythm, finding meaning through music, healing through sound. For loneliness/aloneness – whether you are feeling alone and sorrowful or are in quiet meditation, it helps direct the energy in a beneficial way – either more inward for self understanding or outward like a light house seeking community/communion with the Other. Wise. Strong. Cleansing. Soft & Yielding but powerful.”


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